Papa Bear (Shift Work #1) by Alex Silver

Come along on the journey of Ty and Bram figuring out what their feelings actually are for each other. Papa Bear is the first of a new series. A raven Omega and a Bear Alpha. Zoo workers in their animal form.

From the blurb:

Raising a kid on my own wasn’t the plan. Then again, neither was falling for the first shifter I allowed to get close to me after my ex left me with a newborn.

I’ve always been a solitary bear, and that suits me fine. Until a remodel at the zoo where I work showing off my shifted form to an admiring crowd turns everything upside down. Bramble moves into my habitat and after a bumpy start, he worms his way into my heart.

My daughter, Myra, is my entire world. Being her dad doesn’t leave much room for romance, but Bram is one persistent bird when something shiny catches his eye, and somehow—impossibly—to him, I sparkle.

Papa Bear is an M/X omegaverse mpreg enemies to lovers romance with a grumpy genderqueer single parent bear shifter and a sunshiny raven shifter who wants to fix everyone’s problems for them.

Angel's Review:

I absolutely loved Ty, Bram, Myra, Elric, and all the other amazing characters in this story. 

This is about Ty who is a single black bear shifter who's also a dad, his Alpha mom helps him out but he's mainly on his own. After getting told he has to share his exhibit with birds, he's not happy. Once these two meet it's explosive, they just keep getting off on the wrong foot and misunderstanding each other, when they finally give into each other is when the story really starts. 

Bram is a raven shifter who used to share an apartment with his brother and sister. After his sister got injured and his brother got diagnosed with a shifter disease, he's put all the responsibility on himself. He has to get his sister that surgery, even if she doesn't want it. When he meets Ty, he wants nothing to do with him at first, then when they finally give into each other all he can think about is Ty. 

I enjoyed getting to see the characters' development and growth throughout the course of this story, we got to see Ty overcome his fears and let Bram into his and Myra's life. We got to see Bram talk to his siblings about what they wanted instead of him just injecting himself into their lives without asking them first. We also got to see Ty and Bram's relationship grow and evolve. What started out as disgruntled employees turned into friends with benefits that eventually turned into mates. 

I appreciated the fact that the author didn't just have Bram get pregnant right away, especially considering all of the detail saying how difficult it could be for Bram to get pregnant if he had Croop. I liked that it was a process and a journey that we, as readers, went on with the characters. 

I really enjoyed this story, my favorite part was the ending when their babies started shifting into their other counterparts, it made me aw out loud. This was so well written and detailed I could see these events playing out in my head. I'm really excited to seeing what else comes out by this author.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves shifters, single dad's finding their second chance, and found family. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Papa Bear is the first book in the Shift Work series and was a cute, super sweet shifter romance! 

Ty is an Alpha Bear that works in a zoo show off his animal form. He’s raising his daughter after being abandoned by his Omega. 

Bram is an Omega Raven who also works at the zoo. When the Raven’s enclosure is closed for remodel, he is put in the Bear enclosure. Ty is super grumpy about that happening, but Bram is all sunshine and quickly wins Bram over. 

Papa Bear has two of my favorite troupes, grumpy/sunshine and forced proximity. The story hooked me, read it in one sitting, couldn’t put it down. 

Fantastic secondary characters that I’m hoping get their own story. Overall, a fantastic read! Well written with pacing that flowed! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Papa Bear is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.