Manny SOS by Andi Lee


A fun twist on the falling for the manny trope - it's all caught on video for the Manny SOS tv show!

From the blog:

They say it takes a village to raise a child. How about a TV crew?

Single dad Aiden is in a bind. His childminder can't have the kids for the holidays, and there is no one else to take them. He has no family to help, his ex is a deadbeat, and holiday club is full. He's running out of options, or the options are running from his twin terrors. He's not sure which.
Can a trashy reality TV show save his bacon? It's his worst nightmare, but it could also solve his problems.

Carter, manny and reality star for hit TV show Manny SOS, can't complain about his life. He has a teenage son he's raising with his best friend, and he's successful. He's got everything—apart from love.

His new TV family should be just another job, but it's never that simple. Between skinned knees, Aiden and the kids, frog Armageddon, and sneaky trips away from the camera, he's fallen so hard he may have concussion.

Now he just has to convince Aiden that their secret romance is worth being in the spotlight.

Heather's Review:

What happens when your manny is the man you met and danced with in a nightclub before having to rush away to deal with your kids?  And what if that manny also comes with a full raft of TV cameras?  We get the answers to these questions in Manny SOS and it's an adorable slow burn romance fraught with twin kid hijinks, tv show complications and growing emotional attachment!

Manny SOS was a fun, quick read for me with just enough angst, some lovely found family and some laugh out loud moments.  I am hoping this wasn't the only look at the Manny SOS tv show franchise - it would be lovely for Sebastian to find his HEA next!

Rating: 4.5 Stars 

Manny SOS is currently available in ebook and paperback and is available in wide distribution.