Holy Hell by KC Wells and Parker Williams

Imagine that instead of an angel and a demon on your shoulder, they're competing to be in your bed... Holy Hell

From the Blurb:

Carter Lathan is nineteen, raised in an uber-religious household, and gets the guilts when he even thinks about approaching a guy who might be willing to bend Carter over. So when he finds a book that guarantees to help him summon such a man, it’s a no-brainer.

Okay, so he can’t find some of the weirder ingredients and has to make substitutions, he can’t read Latin to save his life so he makes something up… The spell won’t know, right?


Beez is nearly seven feet tall, with red skin, a kickin’ tail, and horns. Alcy has freaking wings. And they want Carter to choose between them.

But after a lot of talking—and other less cerebral activities—with the men… demon… angel… whatever… Carter decides he doesn’t want to choose—he wants both of them. Alcy and Beez are definitely not down with that. How would it look on their resumes? No, he has to choose, and if they have to show Carter what they can each offer him, that will help him decide once and for all.

Won’t it?

Heather's Review:

I wouldn't normally pick up a book with religious undertones, but then again when KC Wells and Parker Williams pair up to write a book you know nothing about it will be normal... and they've proven it with their latest collaboration, Holy Hell...

This book introduces a young man with wild hopes and dirty dreams to both an angel and a demon who are summoned to make his hopes and dreams come true... but they stand in each other's way... or so they think... you can see that the authors had a blast writing this book - with the inequal parts steamy, sweet and laugh out loud funny, you also get amazing character growth and development that makes the HEA all the more satisfying...

If you're ready to take on a very love is love version of the Supreme being and watch a human, angel and demon fall in love, then you're ready to take on the lovely task of adding Holy Hell to your TBR immediately.

Rating: 5 Stars


Holy Hell is available in paperback and e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription!