Haunted Hearts (Friends of Friends #4) by Leighton Greene

Oliver is new to service kink and Elliott is happy to teach him. But neither man is willing to risk his heart, after all Elliott has been hurt before and Oliver has a budding career in LA which is obviously nowhere near Elliott's home in England. Can the intense but short time they spend together be enough for them to reach for something more?

From Haunted Hearts blurb:

He’s an arrogant, prickly, critical jerk…and I’m falling for him.

After a disastrous first weekend as his service sub, I give in to the pleas of my friends and return to try again, just until the Halloween masquerade ball is over.

Haughty Hottie, I call him. Never in his hearing, or I’d get another five infractions marked down in the little book of punishments he makes me carry around. Yet the more time we spend together, the more his icy exterior seems to melt.

But as hot and haughty as he is, he’s also haunted...
And he won’t share his heart.

After the masquerade, he'll be gone. Back to England, back to his lonely life.

Can I persuade him to open up before then, or is he already planning to ghost me?

SNik's Review:

Fourth in series (Friends of Friends), but can be read as a standalone (there are some cameos from some characters of the author’s other works). BDSM. Hurt/comfort. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Service kink has never been Oliver’s kink (he’s into pain plain and simple), but he’ll try anything once, especially if he gets an exclusive invite to a private kink event. But serving Elliott, a Dom who happens to be a real lord and famous composer, is more difficult than Oliver expected because even though Elliott looks all kinds of hot, his demeanor is all sorts of cold. 

Elliott has been hurt before so he keeps his emotions under control, but slowly Oliver’s eagerness and willingness to learn has Elliott wanting to share all his preferences for how a submissive should serve him. Elliott struggles with respecting Oliver’s independence and Oliver isn’t willing to give more of himself when there is a time limit on their interactions, Elliott will go back to England and Oliver has to think of his career in LA. 

A beautiful story of yearning, quickly growing affection, well negotiated BDSM interactions, the push and pull of two strong willed men, the slow build of emotions and caring, and the realistic hesitation to risk your heart and living for another person. 

Really sweet read, with steamy times, and two men filling the loneliness with someone that is their match with a promising HEA. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Haunted Hearts is the fourth book in the Friends of Friends series. It can be read as a standalone, but previous characters do make an appearance. 

Elliot is the Earl of Arden. He’s a concert pianist. He also composes, but he is blocked mentally. Being a Dom to Oliver allows him to let go and opens his mind up. Oliver is a sub whose face is covered, except for his lips. 

I wasn’t sure of Elliot at first. He was a total grump! But he grew on me. This story was freakin fantastic!! Swoon worthy. Well written with fantastic pacing. It sucked me into the story and didn’t let me go!

Rating: 5 Stars

Haunted Hearts is available to buy as an ebook and paperback.