Face Blind (Glastonbury Tales Book 1) - JL Merrow

Two men struggling with life's hardships meet and support each other as their feelings grow. Adam is trying to unravel his family's secrets while Corin is trying to overcome his recent brain injury and the guilt he has over the accident that caused his face blindness. Face Blind is a story of overcoming difficulties and possibly finding hope and happiness.

From the blurb:

When even friends look like strangers, how will he ever find love?

Corin Ferriman was left face blind by the car crash that killed his ex. Even people he’s known for years are unrecognisable to him. Running from his guilt and new-found social anxiety, he’s moved to Glastonbury, where he knows no one—or does he? Repeated sightings of a mysterious figure leave him terrified that his ghosts have followed him.

Tattoo artist Adam Merchant left Glastonbury at sixteen, escaping from his emotionally distant mother to the father who’d left them seven years previously. Now, at twenty-five, he’s come home to bring his family back together. But in a cruel twist of fate, his mother dies before he can talk to her, leaving him haunted—perhaps literally—by her memory and his unanswered questions.

When Corin and Adam meet again after an eerie first encounter, Adam lays siege to the walls Corin’s built around himself, which start to crumble. But there are ghosts haunting them both, and while Adam longs for a connection beyond the veil, Corin’s guilt leaves him in angry denial that there could be anything after death. With the liminal festival of Samhain fast approaching, neither man is sure what’s real and what’s just a trick of the mind—or maybe something worse.

SNik's Review:

Standalone. Hurt/comfort. Found family. 

Tattoo artist Adam is still reeling from his mother’s recent death when he thinks he sees her or her ghost, which increases his curiosity about his emotionally distant mother and who his real father was.

At the same time, Corin is trying to cope with his recent brain injury that left him with face blindness, a software engineer Corin is new to town when he meets Adam and they are instantly attracted to each other. But Corin can’t hope to have a relationship when he can’t even recognize his own family members, and he is afraid to share his past with Adam. 

Both Adam and Corin have difficult pasts, but they share with each other their fears and vulnerabilities which lets them grow to care and support the other. 

There are supportive secondary characters, a lot of outside angst and family drama, and a story of two men that are attempting to forge a relationship even with a lot of daily life hurdles to overcome. 

Adam and Corin are sweet together, each man struggling with life but finding someone they quickly come to care for. 

Well written as is typical of Merrow, the story could have continued further and I would have been happy to read more about Adam’s family, Corin’s adjustments to his face blindness and the romantic relationship between Adam and Corin.

Rating: 4 Stars

Face Blind is available to buy as an ebook and paperback.