Cover Reveal: How to Bite Your Neighbor and Win a Wager by D.N. Bryn

So excited to be able to share the cover reveal and an excerpt from D.N. Bryn's How to Bite Your Neighbor and Win a Wager and we don't have long to wait!  It releases on Thursday, October 6th!

From the blurb:

Vincent Barnes has suffered four years as a vampire, and they’ve been the most miserable years of his pathetic life. Too poor for black market blood, he feeds from sleeping humans to survive. He tries to never intrude on the same prey twice, but after a single delicious taste of a long-lost childhood neighbor, he can’t help returning for seconds.

Wesley Garcia has been waking up with fang marks. Lucky for him, he needs a vampire—to use as bait. He’s certain Vitalis-Barron Pharmaceutical killed his mother, but to gain access to their covert research labs, he has to bring them a bloodsucker for their experiments.

Step one, a dramatic offer: Stay, and you can bite me.

Vincent leaps at the chance to gobble Wesley up.

Wes’s plan is perfect. He’ll befriend the vampire, then trick him into coming to the lab. No fighting, no fuss. But Vincent is more than Wesley has bargained for: sweet and shy, with intoxicating fangs that awaken new desires in Wes. As the two bond, Vincent believes he might have finally found someone worth putting his trust in... and Wes fears neither of them will survive the betrayal he has planned.

How to Bite Your Neighbor and Win and Wager is a slow-burn paranormal mm romance full of laughter, angst, and thirsty pining. It is perfect for fans of fangs and scientific interpretations of vampirism, with a medium spice level that heats up further in the free bonus content. Content includes bite kink, bleeding (non-kinky), medical experimentation (not experienced by the point of view characters), one particular lesbian BFF who should be reported to HR, and the use of “bodice-ripping” as a verb.


The human followed his gaze and his brow shot up. “I’m not bleeding anymore, right?” He pressed his fingertips to his neck so firmly he seemed to be checking his pulse.

Vincent reached for him on instinct. “Careful!” He pulled back almost as fast, cringing. “The new skin’s still delicate there.”

The human whistled. “But you healed it? Just like that?” He continued to touch the spot. “Is that why I haven’t had much of a mark?”

Vincent swallowed, looking away from the man’s fingers—from the way he was so perfectly highlighting his neck while still covered in his own delicious blood. Vincent really needed to work through whatever the hell had gotten into him before this became his personal fantasy for the next month. He swallowed yet again and managed to say something that sounded an awful lot like, “I’m not here every night,” except it definitely came from the mouth of someone quite a lot less stable and far more breathless than him.

The man’s lips quirked. “Seeing other humans, are you?”

Vincent wanted to die. If someone could come stake him right there, he’d probably say thank you and have a nice day after. Though, who was he kidding, that would be his response no matter what. At least politely depressed vampires weren’t also a stereotype. “I should really just—”

“I’m Wesley. Or Wes.” The human held his hand out, fingers still crimson from where he’d initially touched his bleeding neck bites.

Vincent stared at Wesley’s elbow, trying to look somewhere on his body not currently covered in an aromatic delicacy. He swallowed. Again. “You have blood on that hand.”

Wesley pulled the arm back. “Oh shit, is that a vampire faux pas or something?”

Vincent couldn’t find a courteous way to say no it just makes me want to suck on your fingers so he opted for, “I’m Vincent.” 

Are you as excited as we are?  How to Bite Your Neighbor and Win a Wager is available for pre-order and will also be available to read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription!