Baking with a Ghost (Haunted Love #5) by RM Neill

Baking with a Ghost is part of the shared world called Haunted Love. A ghost that hangs around waiting for his love.

From the blurb:


The perfect name for the town I’ve chosen to start my life over in.

The second I saw the old mill house, I knew it was the ideal location for my bakery. And it was… until the weird occurrences began.

The locals whisper of a rumored haunting, but I wasn’t a believer. That is, until I was faced with proof I couldn’t ignore.

There's a ghost in my bakery… and I think I’m falling in love with him.

How could I not? He’s sweet, tender, and kind. But, unfortunately, very much dead.

Just when I’m beginning to fear this is the mother of all lost causes, a mysterious note is left that sparks a glimmer of hope.

Will the town of Hope deliver a miracle? Or will my heart be broken when my ghostly love moves on?

Janet's Review:

Baking with a Ghost is part of the shared world called Haunted Love. 

Full disclosure, I beta read Baking with a Ghost. I adored John and Simon. I thought the author plotted out the story really well. John had escaped an abusive relationship and moved to the town aptly named Hope. There he started his own bakery, something of a dream for him. 

Simon was just so sweet, hanging/waiting around to find his other half. The writing was beautiful with a dash of humor and pinch of creativeness. 

Overall, a fantastic story! Well written with that kind of catchy pacing that sucked me into the story! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

This is part of the multi-author shared Haunted Love Universe. John is escaping an abusive relationship and has moved to a small town, aptly called Hope, for a chance at a new start. Simon has been dead for nearly a hundred years, dead before he ever really got a chance at life and wants that soul mate connection to gain a second chance at life.

I really enjoyed this one. John is a likable MC, even though we don't get to know much about him other than he's a baker and his ex is not a good person.  The book is all written in single person POV, so we never really get to know what Simon thinks other than at the prologue at the beginning.  John is likable enough though that to see the events unfold through his eyes, really works. It's pretty gradual how his interactions with Simon start out, little things here and there all leading up to the point where he wants to meet Simon in person, and then it's pretty much insta-love.

The story is cute, these two really work as a couple even though Simon struggles to adjust with the modern world (to be expected) and I really liked the story when we found out about what actually happened to Simon and why he died in the first place.  The added twist at the end with Mike was great too. This was a fun, entertaining and comfort read and I highly enjoyed it.

Rating: 4 Stars

Laora's Review:

This book is part of a multi-author mm paranormal series which all have a ghost(ly) theme.

The story was told from John his POV.
And to me it felt as a real gentle tale with a pacing that was just right for this story and had exactly the right length.

I found both John and Simon gentle souls, Simon in the way he reached out through time and space in all the ways making and doing things for John and pleasuring him.

John feeling he is finally in the right place to start over and be kind to himself, but also noticing 'something' in his new home.

I am not revealing anything about how and what, but found it original and moving. But I will say that it is not a hair-raising ghost story, so if you just want a sweet romance with a dash of pnr this is just right. I for one loved it.

I have to give attention to Mrs. Maria, Mike and Ivy. They are lovely side characters who have larger and smaller roles that give that extra to the story.

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

I have to start by saying I absolutely loved this book! It was unique and creative and so very well written. I fell in love with these characters from the very first page. 

Simon is a soul who passed away to early in life. He never got a chance to really live, never got a chance to love or be loved. When he misses his chance to cross over he's stuck between worlds, not able to come or go. He'll stay that way unless he can find a person who is perfect for him. Someone who's soul matches with his. After a hundred years he finally finds a soul that calls out to his, but will that person accept him? 

John is finally opening the bakery he's been dreaming about. After having to put his dream on hold due to a controlling ex boyfriend he's ready to take back his life. He's ready to start doing the things he wants to do. John wasn't expecting to end up living with a ghost, he also wasn't expecting to fall in love with one either. 

This story as I said above was so unique and creative, I've never read another romance story where the characters get to know each other as a spirit and human and then for the spirit to end up turning into a human. It was so creative and was done so well! I love the fact that there was so much history that was in this book, so we as readers got the background information and added details as to why Simon chose that location and as to why Simon was waiting around so long. 

The detail that's in this book is incredible. From the baking, to the side characters, to the interactions between Simon as a ghost and communicating with John, to Snowball having their own personality. This book was just written so well, I wanted to bake after reading about John and Simon baking together. 

John and Simon were meant to be together, they finally met the other half of their soul, these two men are so cute together. I couldn't stop smiling reading this book. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a smile and who believes in soulmates.

Rating: 5 Stars

Baking With a Ghost is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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