The Dragon and His Prince (The Monster's Pet #1) by Adara Wolf, R. Phoenix

The Dragon and His Prince is fun, fast-paced and steamy. Very creative world building.

From the blurb:

As the second son, Prince Larkin doesn't have much of a role at court. When his brother sends him on a quest to slay a wyvern, he pounces on the opportunity.

Only problem? It's not a wyvern. It's a dragon.

A naked dragon in human form, who possesses two very large... Anyway. Larkin is definitely, absolutely, very not interested in trying them out, but Jade is very, very persuasive. It helps that Jade's fluids make Larkin tingle all over in the best of ways.

If only Larkin didn't have duties. If only he could stay with Jade forever.

But his kingdom has to come first, even if that means losing the only person who ever made him feel valued.

This is a standalone dragon/human xeno romance with some angst, dark moments, and an HEA.

Warning: This book contains scenes of graphic sexual assault (not between main characters). Please proceed with caution. More detailed content notes are available at the authors' websites

Janet's Review:

The Dragon and His Prince is the first book on The Monster’s Pet series. If you think you know what you’re going to get with this book, think again! I absolutely adored this book! 

Larkin is sent to slay a wyvern by his mother the Queen and his older brother. Larkin is somewhat na├»ve. Jade is a 300-year-old dragon that has lured Larkin to his cave. Jade’s fluids are an aphrodisiac to Larkin. Some of this is dub-con and non-con. 

This was a fantastic, thrilling roller coaster ride, deliciously dark! I literally could not put it down!! Loved everything about this book, although you should be warned of the CW. There is some on page sexual assault, NOT between the main characters. 

Overall, a phenomenal read! Well written with addicting pacing that hooked me!

Rating: 5 Stars

The Dragon and His Prince is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.