Alpha's Fingerling Surprize (The Weird & Wacky World of Shifters #2) by JP Sayle

Our reviewers loved All He Wants for Christmas is a Fingerling, especially because of the unusual shifters. The sequel, Alpha's Fingerling Surprize, is just as good.

From the blurb:

Pack Alpha, Olowin, welcomes all shifters to his pack, only it seems his fated mate isn’t quite so understanding. Can pride be overcome to allow the Fates to show what weirdness they can conjure next?

For Olowin, rejection is only the beginning of his problems, mouthy betas and the shifter council nosing around after the discovery of Fingerlings leave him little to no time to worry about Russ. After months of avoidance and some interference from his brother, Olowin gets the apology he’s been waiting for. Everything should now be smooth digging with his little Fingerling.


Claiming Russ is the easy part. The mating ritual is when Olowin’s problems really begin. There is a wayward sprouting potato, a very unexpected pregnancy, and three challenges. Can Olowin keep his balance while he figures it all out?

Alpha Fingerling Surprize is the second book in the Weird and Wacky Shifters world and can be read as a standalone, but what would be the fun in that?

Jacquie's Review:

This series is wild. I loved the first book, it was unusual and a lot of fun. I recommended it a lot in groups.

Thankfully, Alpha's Fingerling Surprize is more of the same - wacky shifters, mpreg, a lot of heat, and sweet relationships.

It starts with an accidental rejection but quickly steams up. High heat, fast burn and shifted times.

Cannot be read as a standalone and left on a mild cliffhanger/HFN

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Alpha's Fingerling Surprize is the second book in The Weird & Wacky World of Shifters. This needs to be read in order. 

Olowin is the Pack Alpha. He is rejected by his fated mate Russ, a fingerling potato. 

This is a seriously fun read with lots of laugh out moments. Sweet with a lot of steamy times resulting in wacky mpreg. 

This does end in somewhat of a soft cliffhanger due to the ongoing storyline. 

Overall, a fantastically fun read! Well written with pacing that just flows so smoothy. Hooked me and left me smiling.

Rating: 5 Stars

Alpha's Fingerling Surprize is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.