Wonderland (In Vino Veritas #5) by Rachel Ember

A quest for hearts and treasure in book #5 of the shared universe In Vino Veritas, Wonderland.

From the blurb:

I left Vermont on the most painful day of my life and swore I’d never go back. Meadows Park–theshuttered amusement park that’s been in my family for generations–is the home of all my finest and worst memories. They all star Peter Landry–the best friend I ever had, and the only guy I’ve ever loved.

But then my eccentric grandfather buried two million dollars on the property and couldn’t remember where.

So I’m back, and asking Peter for help. He’s an Ivy League lawyer now. Still gorgeous, and able to gut me with a single smile. And I’m still a disappointment, living in the city and washing dishes to get by. As soon as we strike off down the first sunlit path, the Meadows Park magic begins to fill my heart with yearning, lust, and most dangerous of all—dreams.

I’m secretly relieved each time the day ends, leaving us empty-handed. I know it’s wrong—without that money, we could lose the park.

But if I find the treasure, I lose the guy.

Laora's Review:

Wonderland is one of the books in this year's Vino & Veritas multi author series. It is told from both Peter and Riley their POV and is a friends to lovers mm romance with both a bi and gay main character. 

Rachel Ember is great at creating wonderful characters who show just a little bit more of their individual characters throughout the book.

Peter and Riley their started as best friends as children, but after an accident lost touch as late teens.
Now they are both back in town for different reasons, but find they are still friends who have an attraction and feelings and dare to act on those whilst looking for a hidden case for grandpa Gene. The guys do find their hea and in my opinion, have a unique home for themselves. 

I  particularly liked the glimpses into the pas. The love and sometimes frustration that Riley has for his granddad Gene, who really is a character.  And let's not forget Lemon. And just a story partly taking place in a derelict former animal and (leisure) park.

And as always in this series, it is great to get glimpses of the characters from the other books from the whole series.

Rating: 4 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

Wonderland was a sweet second chance , childhood friends to lovers romance. Since they were kids Riley and Peter had a bond like no other. Their friendship was everything to them, so when it turned out they both realized they were attracted to each other as well, it seemed natural for them to progress to the physical. But we all know teenage romances don't always last and after an unfortunate accident, everything came crashing down. Riley, the hot head of the couple, takes off from his beloved Meadows Park in Burlington, Vermont back home to New York leaving a devastated Peter behind. Not only that, but all attempts at communication from Peter go unanswered. Peter heads off to college in Boston and then onto LA and that's that. And so it stays, until coincidentally both men end up back where it all started.

I loved the little childhood flashbacks we get while the adult versions of Riley and Peter are slowly getting to know each other again. It was a shame they spent all those years apart, but now they are older and wiser. They think through decisions with a maturity 18 year old boys just do not have yet. Both men have their own reservations, but at the end of the day what really matters is they don't want to lose the other again.

I'm still loving the Vino and Veritas world we are in. I haven't read a bad one yet. It seems I went a bit out of order, so I still have Underdog and then Dauntless left. Based on what I've seen of their MCs so far, I can't wait to see what those authors have in store.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Miscommunication, missed opportunities and missing each other... the perfect prescription for a second chance childhood friends to lovers romance set in the In Vino Veritas series of Sarina Bowan's True North world... we've seen Peter in previous stories as a side character, a little aimless and looking for something to soothe his soul...

Riley returns to help his grandfather after being in hospital, looking for his own fresh start and to potentially reclaim his childhood dreams...Featuring some well crafted memories and flashbacks, we see what motivated young Peter and Riley and also what they've become upon their second chance meet up.

Well paced and well crafted, Wonderland held my attention and made me smile.  I'm sad that this year's series is almost wrapped up, but I look forward to future stories in this world!

Rating: 5 Stars

Wonderland is available to buy as an ebook, listen to on audio, it is Whispersynced and to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.