Wildfire (In Vino Veritas #1) by Garrett Leigh

Wildfire is a beautiful Bi-Awakening, friends-to-lovers, hurt/comfort romance. 

From the blurb:

A gorgeous new sexual awakening romance with sizzling first times, snarky British banter, and off-the-charts chemistry.

Life doesn’t always pan out as you expect. When it explodes in my face, literally, an old friend offers me a place to heal and a job renovating the kitchen of Burlington’s coolest wine bar.

V&V is a chill fest. Living above it should be a blast. But I’m not built to be a social butterfly. Not anymore. I’m a damaged man.

And I’m not its target clientele.

At least, I think I’m not until I come face to face with the most beautiful human I’ve ever seen. Joss is the new chef and my roommate. He has hair like spun gold and it’s as pretty as the rest of him. Crystal blue eyes. Megawatt smile.

I can’t stop staring. Or thinking about him. He chases my nightmares away. And when he spots my crush a mile off, his solution to our chemical attraction blows my mind.

An experiment of sorts. Science. Is this sexual exploration or sex education?

Either way, Joss is only here for the summer. He’s leaving.

I can’t fall in love with him.

I can’t.

Shame my foolish heart never got the memo.

Wildfire is a heartfelt MM friends-to-lovers, hurt/comfort romance in the True North world, with a brooding lumbersexual, a wild-hearted chef, sweet angst and all the Vermont food. Content warning: contains mentions of depression, ADHD, suicidal ideation, and PTSD recovery.

Amy_tbs Review:

𝓦𝓲𝓵𝓭𝓯𝓲𝓻𝓮 by Garrett Leigh is part of 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓘𝓷 𝓥𝓲𝓷𝓸 𝓥𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓪𝓼 𝓢𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓼 and is book one in this highly anticipated series. Where do I begin with this story? Let me tell you. This book is truly gorgeous! Right from the prologue, we descend into the roots of Wildfire and the foreshadow of where we'll find ourselves with our main character Kai.

If there has been a book boyfriend, of all book boyfriends... Kai is ready and waiting in the wings to steer his way to that title. God, this man is beautifully broken. I have never wanted for a HEA like this. Kai is tormented and suffering from PTSD from his time working as a mountain rescuer. With the help of his friends at V&V, a bougie wine bar in the beautiful town of Burlington, Vermont. Kai is surviving but not actually living. By the time Joss enters the picture, Kai is basically treading water and all arrows point to him drowning. Joss is such a lovable character but he is not without his own issues. With his daily battle with ADHD and non-verbal Tourette’s. These two hold the key to my heart with all the love and support given.

Wildfire is Bi-Awakening, roommates to lovers. You're perfect just the way you are, hurt/comfort MM romance. With beautiful detailed Vermont settings and glorious food. Don't read this whilst you're hungry! You have been warned. Lots of British banter... Which, hello? fellow Brit here! Love reading some of my home lingo.

It goes without saying, I recommend this book! I can't wait for the other books in this series. I know they're all going to be just as swoon worthy.

Wildfire is a perfect display of hurt/comfort done right. There is some sensitive subjects in Kai and Joss's book. With mentions of depression, suicidal ideation, and PTSD recovery. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

Wildfire is set in the Vino & Veritas world, but it's not necessary to have read anything before this.  I would recommend Tanner and Jax's story though [book:Heartscape|56403162].  Jax and Tanner have a large part of this story but this is truly Joss and Kai's story.

This hit all the right marks for me.  I am a sucker for broken MCs finding each other and nobody does this better than Garrett Leigh.  Kai has severe PTSD from a work incident and Joss has ADHD and Tourette's.  I don't have any experience in the real world of either condition but I think they were handled well.  It's also a bisexual or perhaps gay awakening as Kai previously never considered being with a man before Joss.  Perhaps a demisexual awakening?  I love that there were no labels and no attempts to even try to label.  

There was an immediate connection between the two though, immediate and strong.  I loved seeing these two getting closer, accepting each other as they were and not trying to change anything about the other.  This is such a sweet story of two broken men finding their perfect other, and both ending up better for it.  It's sweet, hot, and adorable.  I loved being back at Vino and Veritas.

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

I'm going to start by saying I haven't previously read last year's Vino and Veritas series, and with the two books I've read out of this year's set of books I'm going to go back and read them. 

Let me tell you why this book grabbed my attention: Reason 1, there are two main characters who aren't perfect, there are also side characters who aren't either. They are perfectly imperfect, Joss has ADHD and non verbal tourettes (which I've never read about in a character before) and Kai has PTSD from his time working as a mountain rescue personal. I think the subject matter was handled beautifully, I relate to Joss a lot! Sometimes I think about one thing then start thinking of another and get totally distracted. So I enjoyed not only did I read something new but I could also relate to these beautiful characters. 

Reason two: Joss is a chef, need I say more? I'm a total foodie and I love when a character in a book is a chef or a baker. I love reading about food and this definitely did not disappoint. I gotta say the food described in this book was definitely perplexing, I have never heard of any of those dishes before (aside from fish and chips). Just like I didn't know there was such a thing as hemp rolls. (See another thing I learned!) I really enjoy learning things whilst I read, if an author can not only write an exceptional story but can also make the reader learn new things along the way then they definitely become some of my favorite authors. 

The plot was really well fleshed out, I didn't know what was going to happen next, I was fully expecting there being a drama moment or for a certain blonde bloke to go back to England but (thankfully) there wasn't. All of the characters in this book are so sweet, I can't help but feel for Molly. That poor girl, she has the worst luck. But luckily she has some amazing friends that have her back. 
Overall a fantastic read with excellent characters, great writing and a story that will stick with me for a while. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacquleen the Reading Queen's Review:
"Living a quieter life doesn't change who you are."
Kai and Joss were just so sweet. Both a little broken, neither knowing their own true worth. But it didn't matter that they didn't, because they saw each other's. Nothing brightened their days more than the sight of one another. They lit up in the others presence and it brought me so much joy as a reader every time.
"For everything he forgets, I remember.

For everything I remember, he helps me forget."
The two of them balanced each other out so well. Joss struggles daily with his turettes syndrome and severe ADHD. Kai struggles with his PTSD. They provide each other with acceptance and calm reassurance that the other is cared for. Neither needs to change a thing for the other to be happy. The love between Joss and Kai was unconditional and I loved their descent into love. It was also fun seeing so much of Tanner of Jax. I forgot how much I missed them and the V &V family. Can't wait for the rest of the series!

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:
"Sometimes in life, another soul calls to yours and you don't walk away"
Two broken and yearning souls may have found each other in Burlington, Vermont... Garret Leigh brings us beautifully written characters who make the most of their strengths and don't hide their weaknesses and Joss and Kai really fit together so well!  Beyond the individual relationship, this book explores the concepts of home, adventure and spirit in a beautiful way.

Both characters have a lot of life experience and it was nice to read a story that unfolds in a way that showcases and celebrates all of those life experiences and makes you crave knowing even more about them.  As for tropes, the hurt/comfort and bi-awakening are well done and feel very natural - the book has beautiful pacing and flow, with a bit of humour & snark, a bit of sweet, a bit of angst and cameos from several other Vino and Veritas characters.  

That being said, all of the V & V books can be read standalone and you can start with any that catch your fancy - just be warned that once you fall under the spell at the wine bar/bookstore you'll want to read everything this multi-author world has to offer.

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Wildfire is the first in the Vino and Veritas series. 

In true Garrett Leigh fashion, emotions will be rung from your very soul. Joss and Kai are my new favorite characters that this author has written. 

Joss is the new chef at V&V, snarky and sassy, so freakin funny at times. Kai is a builder and custom built the kitchen. They’re roommates and grow closer. Both men are a little broken but together they work, when maybe they shouldn’t. 

Loved, loved, loved seeing Jax and Tanner again and being back in the V&V world. Overall, phenomenal!!! Well written with pacing that just flows and sucked me into the story! 

Rating: 5 Stars

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