Unmanageable by Leslie McAdam

Unmanageable by Leslie McAdam brings us an age gap, boss/employee story with an adorable little girl, pony rides and two men who need each other more than they knew... 

From the blurb:

I’ve never been romantic. Just ask my ex-wife.

Since she broke up with me, I get my needs met any time I want, without putting my heart on the line. Exactly how I like it.

But when she is called overseas and leaves me with our child, my bachelor lifestyle ends faster than you can say, “Daddy, I want a pony.”

I need help.

Problem is, help’s come in the form of an incredibly hot nanny.

My employee.

Who is much younger than me.

And also … a guy.

I watch Scott care for my kid and can’t help feeling like he clicks into place in her life.

When he looks at me, though …  I get an entirely different feeling. One that makes me long for things I can’t have.

Like him.

Unmanageable is a contemporary m/m age gap romance about a starry-eyed nanny who wants hot-air balloon rides and singing telegrams and a grumpy single dad who most definitely does not.

Zakiyya's Review:

Two of my favorite tropes – grumpy/sunshine and age-gap.

I really enjoyed Scott and Luke’s story.

Yoh, these two were such a mess in the beginning - with Scott unable to control his finances and Luke having no idea how to manage his own daughter – so to follow them on their journey to overcoming past failures and becoming the best version of themselves felt tremendously satisfying. 

Their passion and chemistry sizzled – they were just so hot together…🔥♨️

I totally loved the lock and key part…so frikkin sexy …🔒&🗝️ 

The romance here was absolutely swoon-worthy and I loved the idea of that little scavenger hunt.

Scott was so amazing with Addison and I completely adored that.

The series seems to be great so far, so I’ll definitely be going in for more…💙💙

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

"Time is our most precious commodity. He chooses to spend it with her."

This was a lovely addition to the Vino Veritas series. It's the story of Scott, who we saw in the book Undone. He was on a date with Murph that turned quite disastrous for him. All around him Scott's friends are falling in love. Everyone except for him, the man who's in love with love and romance.

Luke is a jaded workaholic who needs help taking care of his daughter when his ex wife leaves for a 6 month job assignment. It just so happens he hires Scott as his nanny, even knowing the man is exactly his type and is sure to be a temptation he doesn't need. Thankfully Scotts childcare skills are on point. I wish I had found a nanny as good as he is for my kids.

"He somehow turned an apple into a swan. I fucking hired Mary Poppins."

Inevitably, these two men who are attracted to one another and also cohabitating leads to temptation boiling over into the bedroom. This of course leads to feelings getting involved. Unfortunately, it's not until something truly dramatic happens that these two get their act together and formally commit. I mean, they were basically in a committed relationship for months. It's just neither wanted to label it. The epilogue was sweet and really gave Scott and Luke the HEA they deserved.

Rating: 4.25 stars

Heather's Review:

I'm a sucker for a grumpy/sunshine manny story- the push and pull of forced proximity, the adorable child who needs love and the grumpy father who needs to find love to find his way... all part of the latest book in the In Vino Veritas series, Unmanageable.,,

Scott and Luke are opposites in so many ways - the dreamer who doesn't know how to manage his money and is facing eviction, the finance guy who thought he was doing the right thing by moving away from his ex-wife and daughter and throwing himself into a job where the only thing that matters is the money... and they find each other by a mutual need...

This book is well paced although I found the crisis a little contrived, but still plausible, and the epilogue is sweet and wonderful.  You also see several other characters from the In Vino Veritas world, including Landon who's book Underdog is releasing at the same time!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Unmanageable is currently available as an e-book, audiobook and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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