The Dating Disaster (Franklin U book 2) by Saxon James

All the love for Marshmallow and his Feisty Felix in The Dating Disaster.

From the blurb:

Thousands of students on this campus, and I keep being set up with the roommate I can’t stand.


One date.

That’s how long it takes for Marshall Harrows to end up on my bad side.

Luckily I have no plans to see the giant teddy bear again. Except, when he shows up as my new roommate, I can’t escape him, and he’s just as irritating as I thought he’d be.

He leaves cupboards ajar and puts empty milk cartons back in the fridge. His bedroom door is always open, I find his underwear on the laundry floor, and he has this whole bashful sweetheart thing going on that I just … can’t … stand.

But the most completely, horribly irritating thing about him, is that he’s totally my type.

And my friends won’t stop setting us up on blind dates.


One date.

That’s how long it took for Felix Andrews to steal my heart.

The sparky little spitfire is everything I’m not. Confident, adorable, and completely outspoken.

He also wants nothing to do with me. Which is a real problem when I want to give him everything. Including my virginity.

But the more I try to gain his attention, the more I see the real him. The one who doesn’t feel worthy of being treated like anything other than a one-night stand. So I decide to take matters into my own hands.

A total do-over. One night. One date. Where hopefully I can steal his heart too.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

Words cannot express how much I adored Marshmallow and feisty Felix. I mean, I did want to slap them both upside the head a few times. Actual Communication guys! That would be a GREAT place to start. So much conflict could have been avoided if one of these idiots would have just told the other how they truly felt instead of holding it all inside. However, these are college age boys. What could I expect? I remember my college days and lets just say acting like a mature adult wasn't exactly the top of my priority list when I had the rest of my life to do that.
I did love all the snuggling and every single time Felix jumped into Marshall's giant arms I melted a little more. They were just completely adorable. Another thing I loved about the book was the cameos, especially seeing Robbie again. If he and Felix ever teamed up I am pretty sure they could take over the world. It was the heartfelt chat between them that really had me smiling though.

"I'm going to make him mine, you know."

"How do you know he isn't already?"

See what I mean? All the feels for this one. I've immensely enjoyed both books so far in the Franklin U universe. Based on little peeks of future MCs, I have no doubt I'll be enjoying the next ones as well. I cannot wait to see what the next release has in store for us all.

Rating: 5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

The Dating Disaster is the second Franklin U book, it's an interconnected universe, I didn't read the first book but I got enough enjoyment out of this as a standalone. I got a little bit through this before realising I'd met Felix before in the author's Divorced Men's Club series (which is great!) but again it could be read as a standalone.

I LOVED Felix and Marshall. Felix is a little spitfire with real confidence issues, a ton of snark and more hidden depth than anyone could ever imagine. Marshall is adorable, a big cuddly teddy bear looking for THE ONE and these two together are just the perfect fit.

More than once I wanted to knock their heads together and tell them to just talk, (of course it helps that we are in their heads and can see what they're thinking 😂). I just felt so much for these two and just wanted them to see how perfect for each other they are. So did their roommates, apparently 😂. The tension and heat between these two is off the charts insane when they're together, even when they're not a couple yet. I loved their interactions with each of their families too, laugh out loud funny in more than one occasion.

I adored this book, I loved these two together and it's a sweet, meaningful slow burn story of two very deserving people finding their person. I loved Marshmallow and Fe's journey to each other and can't wait for more in the interconnected FU Universe.

Rating: 5 Stars

The Dating Disaster is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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