#TeaserTuesday: Entangled by Scarlet Blackwell (Cold Love book 3)

So excited to be able to share an excerpt from Scarlet Blackwell's next release, Entangled, which is available beginning October 1st!

From the blurb:

He’s a cop tangling with the most dangerous man in town…

“As long as he knows the deal, it’s fine. He hates cops, so it should make for some pretty rough scratch-your-back sex.”

Chief of police Jamie Allen is smitten by the new arrival in his remote Alaskan town of Barrow until he realizes Ephram Welles comes with baggage—he’s an ex-con.

Any liaison between them is strictly forbidden. Jamie would be risking his job and reputation if he tangles with a convicted felon.

But Ephram isn’t easy to resist. He’s everywhere Jamie turns, and the mutual chemistry between them is sizzling hot, just waiting to explode. Jamie’s willing to risk everything for just one night of passion with Ephram, but can he stop there?

“I could disappear, and no one would notice.”

Ephram’s running from his past and his own loneliness since he lost everything in one moment of madness. He’s come thousands of miles to an isolated community to start again and the last thing he needs or wants is a cop prying him open inch by inch but that’s exactly what Jamie seems hell-bent on doing. Ephram doesn’t need this complication. He’s tormented by memories of prison and he hates cops with a vengeance. But Jamie’s a different proposition from anyone he’s ever met before. He’s the sort of guy Ephram’s been looking for all his life, even though he knows he should throw him away...

Warning: Scenes of violence. Mentions of abuse and rape. Strong language and sexual scenes. 


"Kanen regarded him with a solemn expression. “You looked stressed.”

Jamie shrugged. “It hasn’t been the best of days.” He couldn’t believe Kanen could see that he was still troubled. Maybe Kanen was more intuitive than he’d realized or maybe Jamie was an open book. It was funny, when he was younger, in his twenties, nothing much bothered him. Now he seemed to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders and found it hard to ever feel truly relaxed and happy.

“What happened?”

Jamie looked around while he contemplated how appropriate it was to tell Kanen about Ephram. Not appropriate at all. He scanned the other patrons, and then his gaze was riveted to the back of the room. The lights shone down on the only golden head in the place. 

For fuck’s sake.

He should have known Ephram would come here to eat—after all, they were only a few minutes from his home on Brower Street.


“He happened,” Jamie muttered, gesturing. “Don’t look!”

“Don’t be silly, how can I not look? Good-looking guy, who is he?”

Jamie reddened. He glanced again at Ephram. The guy had his head down, attention fixed on his phone, oblivious to being studied. “He’s a convicted felon from Florida.”

“Oh,” Kanen said. “Right.”

Jamie fiddled with the salt shaker for want of something better to do.

“You like him,” Kanen said.

Jamie’s gaze darted to his and he felt his face becoming even hotter. He hadn’t exactly told Kanen he was gay, but Kanen had obviously figured it out for himself even though he’d never alluded to the fact.

 Jamie scowled. “Of course not. How wrong would that be?”

Kanen shrugged. His eyes gleamed in the low light. “We can’t help who we like.” He held Jamie’s gaze for the longest while and Jamie looked away, uncomfortable.

 “If he’s done his time,” Kanen said.

Jamie’s eyes jerked back to his friend’s. “Listen to you!” he hissed in an undertone. “I’d lose my job if I…” He stopped when Kanen smiled.

“So you do like him?”

Jamie closed his eyes and sighed. He opened them, his gaze drawn back to Ephram. This time the guy was studying him in return, his face closed and unreadable.

“Shit.” Jamie turned his attention to Kanen. “I heard a new guy was working at SmartShop. I went over to say hello before I found out who he was. He was less than polite.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

The waitress came over with their drinks then, and they both ordered. Kanen drank diet Coke. He had once had a drink problem, like so many people here, but had been dry the last few years. It was a topic he didn’t raise much with Jamie.

Jamie drank some water. He felt Ephram’s eyes boring into him.

“He’s checking you out real good.”

Jamie kept his head down. “I can assure you it’s not through any interest on his part. More likely he’s working out ways to kill me.”

“Did he kill someone?”


“And he’s served his time.”


“Then it’s done.”

“It’ll never be done. He’s on parole.”

Kanen shook his head. “He’s not a prisoner any more. He’s paid, and it’s in the past. If you wanted to get involved with him, you could.”

Jamie looked at him in horror. “Are you serious? First, he clearly hates cops, and second, I can’t have a relationship with someone with a criminal record. I’d lose my fucking job.”

“Who said anything about a relationship?”


“What about a winter fling? Something to keep your bed warm, say once or twice a week for a few weeks, then you call it off. Or just a one-night stand might do you. Take the edge off your frustration.”

Jamie stared at him. His frustration? Was it that obvious he needed to get laid?  “I can’t believe I’m hearing this.” 

But his treacherous loins twitched at Kanen’s words because as much as he wanted a relationship, he was also a man who liked no-strings sex when the mood took him, and no-strings would be all he could ever have with Ephram. He knew he was a hypocrite for even contemplating it when he had sworn off having a one-night stand with someone from town. 

Kanen smiled beatifically. A smile from the behemoth was rare indeed but showcased Kanen’s amazing pearly teeth. Jamie doubted they were veneers, but still, they looked too bright against the guy’s olive skin.

“You know it makes sense.”

Jamie shook his head. 

“Yes. As long as he knows the deal, it’s fine. And like you say, he hates cops, so it should make for some pretty rough scratch-your-back sex.”

Jamie cheeks heated to lava proportions. “Tell me you didn’t just say that.”

“I did just say that. Do you want me to invite him over, or what? Never thought I’d have to match-make for a forty-year-old dude, but if you’re incapable…”

“No, I fucking don’t! Will you stop? Is there vodka in that Coke or what?”

“I wish.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“That’s me. Enjoy the chase. Just don’t go and fall in love with the guy, okay?”

“Christ, Kanen, I don’t even know if he’s gay.”

“Then your gaydar’s lousy. I just told you he’s not even subtle about checking you out.”

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  1. Angst! Angst!! Angst!! This dips down into two troubled men who can't trust. This is a hard relationship, but in these circumstances it couldn't be anything else!! I loved this Book!!!


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