Skydive (Dragons of Ardaine #1) by Roe Horvat

Skydive features a snarky omega and a lovesick Dragon. Did I say Dragon? Yay! Dragons!!!

From the blurb:

On New Year’s Eve, Lawrie meets a deadly attractive, loaded alpha who’s brilliant in bed and nice to

boot. Pity Ernest travels so much and doesn’t do relationships. Lawrie can at least enjoy one wild weekend. Except now it’s the morning after, and things get weird. Very weird. Lawrie’s body has changed overnight, warranting the freakout of a lifetime.

Ernest has been looking for his true mate since the eager age of twenty-one. After fifteen years, he’s reconciled himself to restless traveling and hook-ups. The most recent one is a real treat—a certain Lawrence Winchester, a young omega with a sharp wit and an unusually intense scent. The thought of a mate doesn’t even enter Ernest’s head as he drifts through the night in a lusty haze. The morning brings life-altering revelations. Lawrie is the one—the signs are unmistakable. Now how to break it to him gently that he’s stuck with Ernest for the rest of his life and that Ernest is, um, a slightly different species…
Skydive is a steamy, lighthearted MM omegaverse romance, featuring dragon shifters. HEA, standalone, mpreg.

Janet's Review:

Skydive is the first book in the Dragons of Ardaine series. It’s a fast-paced story featuring Lawrie, an Omega who works for a domineering and somewhat mean boss. He doesn’t let anyone push him around. He stands his ground, and I absolutely loved him for all his snark and sass! But he’s also sweet and has an innate kindness.

Ernest is an Alpha Dragon whos’ been looking for his mate for a long time. He’s a one and done kind of guy, but he’s sooo sweet when it comes to Lawry. 

Ernest and Lawry are sooo freaking kinky, hot and steamy together, they burned up the pages of my kindle. 

The world building was phenomenal as was the character development. I cannot wait to read more in this universe! I’m really hoping Davidson gets his mate! 

Overall, a phenomenal read! Well written, fast paced, sucked me right in. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

When I found out Roe Horvat was putting out a dragon shifter book, you bet your butt I was on a mission to hunt down an arc. Horvat has a way with steam, which if you've read his works you darn well know. Steamy doesn't even begin to cover this book which does have a plotline, but is also straight up erotica. No apologies made.

Horvat has written Omegaverse before which I have thoroughly enjoyed, but I don't think I've read any actual shifter books from him. It was definitely an interesting take. After a night of debauchery, alpha dragon shifter Ernest is ecstatic to find that the man who he wakes up next to in bed is his mate. Lawrie, said mentioned man, not so much. You see when a dragon finds his mate and beds them it starts a chain reaction in both the human and the dragon shifter. It's immediately noticeable to Lawrie that something ain't quite right. And so it goes on.

Despite the surprise mating, Skydive was pretty low angst. Ernest was just the most devoted and caring mate. Lawrie ate it all right up, but was determined to care for Ernest and love him just as fiercely back. I really loved Ernest's family, especially his omega father. I also found myself warming up to Lawrie's boss Mr. Sullivan by the end as well. In fact, I'm really hoping that grumpy git finds his mate soon, as in next book soon. Maybe with a certain ex roommate of Lawries? Be mindful of the content warnings as this book is explicit and all the listed warnings are graphic and detailed on page, so if they aren't your cup of tea I'd suggest skipping this one. If not, you can pick this one up on Sept. 22nd and enjoy all the steam you can handle.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Skydive is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.