Sins of the Fathers by Morgan Brice (Kings of the Mountain book 2)

Dawson and Grady are back fighting dangers as hunters protecting the North Carolina mountains. A past evil has returned and is threatening the King family again so Dawson and Grady must uncover the trouble while trying to stay alive long enough to get their HFN.

Sins of the Fathers Blurb 

Three deadly accidents that might have been magical murder. A dark witch with a grudge against the King family. Federal agents with supernatural abilities. And, as usual, Dawson and Grady are smack dab in the crosshairs of trouble even they can’t outrun.

When Grady King’s brother Knox is targeted by shady characters, old secrets, coverups, and lies come to light. Grady and his boyfriend Dawson begin to question what really happened when Grady’s grandparents and Dawson’s parents died. Then agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Supernatural Investigation show up pursuing a different case, only to discover that the crimes appear to be connected, with a vengeful dark witch at the center of the plot. And since monsters never sleep, Grady and Dawson are still carrying out their duty to hunt dangerous paranormal creatures, restless spirits, nefarious faeries, Civil War ghosts, creepy cryptids, and things that go bump in the night. It’s all part of the centuries-old King family mandate to protect the people of Cunanoon Mountain and Transylvania County, a mission Grady and Dawson are sworn to fulfill.

But when it looks like something is hunting the people Grady loves, it’s time to dig into the family’s painful past, uncovering dangerous details of long-ago hunts against immortal creatures who never forget—or forgive.

Can they solve the mystery and figure out who’s behind the deaths, or will they bear the deadly consequences of their hidden history? Reckoning with the past just might destroy Grady and Dawson’s plans for the future and set loose a tide of malicious magic that could sweep them all away.

Sins of the Fathers is a thrill-packed MM romance adventure full of fast cars, outlaw country boys, snarky werewolves, vengeful ghosts, menacing monsters, and a love that can’t be denied.

SNik's Review

Second in series (Kings of the Mountain), must be read in order. Paranormal. Hurt/comfort. Established couple. Dual POV. 

Returning to the North Carolina mountains with Dawson and Grady, picking up almost a year after the first book, there is plenty of hunting action and a new (actually old) threat to the King family. When someone attempts to kill Grady’s brother, Dawson and Grady start to investigate the possibility that past family deaths may not have been accidental and may all have been directed by one outside force bent on revenge. There is significantly more worldbuilding introducing new political factions, new supernatural beings, and some helpful secondary characters (there are also characters mentioned from some of the author’s other series). Dawson and Grady are growing into their relationship, they have some steamy and sweet moments as well as a possible marriage on the horizon to cement their commitment. 

This is an entertaining story and series, and I enjoy the strong family support and adventure.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Sins of the Fathers is available in paperback and ebook copies.

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