Rafe (Federal Protection Agency) by Eve Riley

'"You might have to pull Finley out."...'I'm going in with him, I stated.' Rafe.

From the blurb:

A chance to find real love…

Ex-SEAL, Special Agent Rafe Dallas spent years working for the DOJ after his medical discharge. Now, he's joined a special Task Force fighting crimes against children. After successfully completing his first operation, Rafe is determined to give everything he has to save as many children as he can.

After learning about the tragic death of his Navy SEAL buddy, John, he promises to look after the man’s younger brother and do what he can to help find his daughter.

Finley Quinn is working undercover at a human trafficking ring trying to find his niece. He was set to join the SEALS eighteen months ago, following in his older brother’s footsteps, when John was killed in a home invasion and his six-year-old daughter was kidnapped. He has been looking for her ever since. The local police believe she's dead but Finley won't consider that possibility and refuses to give up.

When Rafe joins him undercover, Finley is hard pressed not to remember the huge crush he had on the sexy older man.

Will they save Finley’s niece before it’s too late? Will Rafe ever see Finley as more than his best friend’s kid brother?

Laora's Review:

This second book, age gap mm, in the 'Federal Protection Agency' and has a way higher pace and feels to me more intense than the first book. This was an emotional and intense read. I was really invested in the story and noticed I wanted to hurt or prosecute the people who took advantage of the children and those who enabled that. I was keeping my fingers crossed there would be 'good' news at the end of the story.

Finn reached out to Rafe when in his quest to find his kidnapped niece in a child trafficking ring, he almost fell of the proverbial cliff. Rafe did not know where Fin was or why, after he finds out what happened, he and the task force join Fin in his fight to rescue his niece and all the other children who are held or have died. 

Rafe and Fin find support by eachother, and find physical release and attraction whilst undercover.
I did notice the author mentioned almost in passing how many men Fin had killed and how many children he had to bury who were killed or died by the hand of others. It seems excessive but luckily I have no knowledge if it is or not and maybe it was best written this way because it shows disconnected he had to become to stay undercover.

Rafe, Fin and Lily do survive, but after the physical healing there is a long mental road to cope with all that happened.

I can't wait to see how the series will develop further now that the agency will move to a larger city.

Triggers do apply: murder, violence, child abduction, -enslavement,  -trafficking and - abuse

Rating: 4 Stars

Rafe is available to buy in ebook format or read through Kindle Unlimited Subscription.