Part-Time Daddy by B Harmony

I absolutely adored Part-Time Daddy Dean is so growly and protective of Tanner, right from the start. I loved how he was so determined to look after Tanner and make sure he cared for himself. Tanner’s dedication to his job was so great and I loved how he was slowly able to open up to Dean and let him in. 

From the blurb:

Exhausted, overworked, underpaid, and for damn sure underappreciated.

Struggling to find a balance between the career I’ve always wanted and the desire to have someone to take care of me, I agree to join an exclusive event at The Garden.

A couple of hours to let go with Dean Nash, the Daddy of my dreams, then it’s back to the grind.

As head of security at The Garden, I’m content with my single life.

When my boss calls in a favor, I reluctantly agree, knowing a few hours of play won’t mean anything. Until I lock eyes with an exhausted boy across the room and every instinct calls me to protect the boy from falling asleep on his feet.

Tanner Morgan checks all my boxes, though I’ve sworn no one ever could.

When we’re tossed into each other’s paths weeks after our one night together…

I offer to show Tanner there can be enough space in his life for a part-time Daddy. A caregiver without expectation of a relationship, feelings, or promises he can’t keep.

Falling in love isn’t part of the agreement, no matter how perfectly we fit together.

Reds Book Reads Review:

I know this book is a stand-alone but it totally left me wanting more stories from The Garden and I hope we get some more at some point because there are some great characters there! 

This is such a sweet, feel good book and these characters will stick with me. I can see this being a book I would happily reread in the future.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

The boy who doesn't have time for a daddy is the boy who needs one the most!  I love how one night at the Daddy adoption event becomes more as Dean tries to support Tanner and show him that there is room in his life for a daddy, a relationship and a balance...

This was a sweet story that was a quick read and I truly hope that B. Harmony creates more stories from The Garden, heck even more stories that spin off the Daddy adoption event...

Rating: 5 Stars

Laora's Review:

This is an enjoyable no angst contemporary mm daddy/ boy age gap  which starts at a daddy auction.
With an imposing but gentle and understanding Daddy Dean and Baby bat boy Tanner as a one time couple through an daddy auction.  They like  their dynamic and try to see if there is room in their lives for a part- time daddy and boy since they both think they don't need a full- time daddy or boy.

I appreciated that the author took the time to really emphasise the caring and nurturing and understanding side  of the arrangement/ relationship before it became more sexual. It was just really sweet, caring and  sexy.

Tanner his bat/ vampire obsession as a boy was sweet and  slightly different than the norm which I found totally endearing and understandable 

Even tough this is a standalone I liked the crossover  of characters from previous books by the same author.

Rating: 5 Stars

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