Opening Lies (Lies #3) by Emma Jaye

"Fun Book! I would recommend!" our reviewer, Alyssagp on Opening Lies.  

From the blurb:

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a pawn to win the game, but what if you’re that pawn?

Rich, unable to speak Russian, and devilishly handsome, Victor Tabor is Vladimir’s perfect mark, or he would be if he didn’t have a thing for Vladimir’s Pioneer uniform.

Vladimir is a pawn in the game of life, a leader at a kids’ summer camp, but has big ambitions that don’t involve remaining a tiny cog in 1980s USSR.

This is an extended version of a short story, Pawn's Gambit, included in These Deviant Ties anthology.

Alyssagp's Review:

Amazing! The book Opening Lies was a dark story that I enjoyed reading! This story had some of my favorite tropes. 

The author, Emma Jaye, made a fantastic world with thought-out characters and an enthralling plot. 

I can not wait to read the next book with more additional appearances from characters Vladimir and Victor.

Rating: 4 Stars

Opening Lies is available to buy on Amazon or read through Kindle Unlimited subscription.