My (Not So) Bossy Professor by D.K. Sutton


From the blurb:

My anger has reached an all consuming slam-him-against-the-wall-and-punish-with-my-mouth level of hostility. Thank God the feeling is mutual.

The straight-ish hot football coach is off limits. Detective Liam Mason is fine with that.

Until their arguing and fighting turns to kissing, and Liam can’t get enough.

Coach Trace Powers is the key to their undercover investigation, and Liam’s new orders are to do whatever it takes to get close.

But pretending to be a professor and Trace’s fake-boyfriend, even if it’s just for the benefit of his staff, seems especially reckless when Liam uncovers an illegal operation happening off the field.

And realizes his feelings for the football coach are very real.

Trace is in danger, and Liam will risk everything to save him.

My (Not So) Bossy Professor is the fourth book in the Not So University series. It is a 99,000+ enemies-to-lovers m/m romance with an HEA. It can be read as a standalone but is best read as part of the series. It features two muscled men fighting for dominance, a fake-boyfriend situation, tequila nights involving stupid party games, a bossy assistant coach named Becky who says whatever she wants, and an irritating techie who says whatever he can to stir things up.
TW-see inside intro for details.

Sarah C.'s Review:

I have loved every book in DK Sutton's Not So University series so far. My Not So Bossy Professor, though? It was slightly different and in the very best of ways. It was different enough that it made it my favorite of the series, and one of my top five reads this month - which is saying something because I have read some AMAZING books this month.

We first meet Liam and Trace both in book three - so while not required to follow the story, it is referenced a fair amount and does help to have read it. You can understand the story without it, but for full enjoyment, recommend reading book three first. When we get to them in this book, they are at each other's throats - but also dying from sexual tension. It bursts quickly - for just a moment - before Liam states they can't do this. Which becomes a theme in the book for awhile. Clashing, crashing, and then backing up - the ebb and flow of a wave - until it all finally crashes in some incredibly hot encounters.

The story itself has a mixture of suspense combined with the romance. The main plot is about missing kids from the campus - leading Liam to have to be undercover as a math professor and fake dating Trace to get closer to the football team and coaches, as the case seems somehow related to them. The combination of suspense, mystery, and romance worked really well, making this the kind of book I couldn't put down until I discovered what was going on and what had actually happened with these kids. There are a ton of twists and I'm pleased to announce that I did not figure out the whole story before the characters - but all of the twists made sense. AKA they were twists done incredibly well.

All in all, if you enjoy the Not So University Universe, this book is a perfect addition. If you haven't read any of DK Sutton's Not So University, I highly recommend this book - and the rest of the series. It was another fun escape.

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

My (Not So) Bossy Professor is the fourth book in the My (Not So) Serious University series. It should be read in series order as some of the previous characters do make an appearance. I loved Liam and Trace!! Liam is a detective of the Springfield Police dept and Trace is the football coach at the university. This one had a bit of suspense to it. Students are going missing, and it might be one of the football staff members. Lots of hate kissing, action and steam. Overall, this was excellent! Well written with pacing that flowed and sucked me right in!

Rating: 5 Stars

Red's Book Reads Review:

Loved it

I loved this book so much! This is the fourth book in the series and while you probably could read it as a stand-alone, you would benefit from having read the earlier books as this follows on from the events in book 3.

I loved Trace and Liam. The way they interacted with each other and how they were desperately trying to deny their feelings was just so well done.

Such a great book.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I have to say that this book had a different flavour from the other Not So University books, possibly because our professor in this case is Liam, one of the cops from the previous book who is undercover as a math professor... and Trace is the football coach so we miss out on some of the prof vibes, but really, the story makes up for it in spades...  the push and pull of their attraction, the impediments of Liam's job and his desire to protect Trace and his friends... and of course the actual mystery of the disappearing students...

This book has a ton of twists and turns between the suspense and the steam and it was a really fun and captivating read!  A great finale to the No So University series!

Rating: 5 Stars