My Fluffy Mafia Daddy (Italian Protectors #3) by Aster Rae

My Fluffy Mafia Daddy was an excellent story. Raw and gritter than previous stories.  

From the blurb:

I've been locked in a warehouse for eight years.

I was playing in my treehouse when the evil men took me.
They brought me to a warehouse and threw me in a cage.
Now I find myself standing in an alley covered in blood next to a dead body.
I have no memories and no recollection of who I am.
The only person I can see is the man at the end of the alley.
He's big and brawny and I think he's the teddy bear in shining armor I've been waiting for my entire life.
He tells me to come with him because if I don't, my captors will kill me.
But is he the forever Daddy I've been dreaming about?

Or is he here to kill me too...

This is the THIRD book in the Italian Protectors series! It follows BENEDETTO, a.k.a. the cinnamon roll Mafioso who rescues puppies, and his secret partner! It has an age gap, Daddy kink, snuggles and cuddles, and it wraps up the suspense plot with the Diabolo's warehouse! Guaranteed HEA (and explosions -- BOOM)!

Janet's Review:

My Fluffy Mafia Daddy is the third book in the Italian Protector series and best read in order. 

Benedetto rescues a boy covered in blood holding a knife who doesn’t remember anything or even who he is. 

This story is a little darker, raw and grittier that the previous stories. There are some sensitive topics in the story. 

I really loved that Benedetto wasn’t just fluffy but also a little chubbier that most Daddy books give us. He felt a little more realistic. My favorite part was the set up for future stories!! I cannot wait to read them. 

Overall, an excellent story. Well written with pacing that grabbed me and didn’t let go.

Rating: 5 Stars

My Fluffy Mafia Daddy is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription