Love in Lockdown by R Frank Davis

Love in Lockdown features a cowboy and an activist. Interracial romance that feels realistic. 

From the blurb:

Conner MacKay is the last of the TV cowboys, but he’s withdrawn from society—even before a global
pandemic forces the world into quarantine. When he meets activist Dante Burke, though, Conner takes a chance. He can’t leave a young Black man on the street in the face of a public health crisis. What kind of cowboy would he be then?

On the surface, Conner and Dante live in opposing realities: midlife versus youth, flush versus flat broke. But their politics, attraction, and close quarters bring them together until the heat between them grows into a burn almost too hot to handle.

Then old dangers breach their safeguards and threaten not their love, but their very lives.

Janet's Review:

Connor is the last of the TV cowboys, older and a white male. Dante is an activist, he’s young and African American. Connor helps Dante when he has nowhere to go. 

They shouldn’t work on paper, but they do. The story was seriously good. Two men meet and fall in love during a pandemic. 

The story is set in a way that feels true, realistic. We get a journey through the height of Covid-19, BLM, forest fires and racial violence. There is some serious steam in the story. 

Overall, a fantastic read, realistic. Well written, actually beautifully written with amazing pacing that sucked me into the story. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Love in Lockdown is available to buy on Amazon, Kobo and Indigo.