Kiss of Heat (Omega, Really?! #3) by Eola Eden

Angel calls Kiss of Heat "another great installment to this series!"

From the blurb:

Fate isn’t always enough. Can they overcome the past to build a future together?

Felix Mulligan was captured by an alpha of the Highborn, an elite shifter group trying to breed their own army. He’s finally been rescued… but he’s not ready to accept that the life he led before he was taken is gone forever.

Businessman Keegan StoneClaw agrees to look out for Felix while he recovers, and the pair soon recognize the attraction that simmers between them. However, Felix’s captivity left him pregnant, and he doubts that the alpha would willingly raise another man’s child.

Even though they’re not yet bonded, Keegan’s protective nature drives him to desperate measures. Can he ensure that the Highborn will never target Felix again? And when the truth comes out, will the young omega forgive him?

***NOTICE*** this 48k novel features material suited for adults only.

Angel's Review:

This book was so great, just like the last one. I really enjoy the plot and uniqueness of these books. The characters are well written and when they are their shifter halves they are so detailed! I loved reading about Keegan and Felix getting the honey in their bear forms. I also really enjoyed that we got to see Rex again. The action scene in this is really well written, you can envision the clashing of teeth and claws. 

Even though this is a part of a series I think this could be read as a standalone. Despite me not giving it a 5 star I still highly recommend this! 

Rating: 4 Stars

Kiss of Heat is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.