Kismet Cafe by Avery Tu

Kismet Cafe is a sweet mmromance featuring a little scandal, a little misunderstanding, some forced proximity and a dash of angst. 

From the blurb:

Celebrity Greyson Ace is forced into hiding after a scandal about him breaks the news. With nowhere else to turn, Grey heads to his best friend’s place in quiet Skystead, Maine to stay with her while he waits for the heat to die down. Only, Elodie isn’t there. Instead, Grey almost gets hit over the head with a cast iron skillet wielded by one of the cutest guys he’s ever seen. Turns out, Elodie has a roommate she never mentioned and now she’s gone on a business trip, leaving the two of them alone in the house. This is the worst possible time for Greyson to fall for someone, and yet, he can’t seem to stop thinking about his new roommate. Or all the things he’d like to do to him.

Yu Jin Lee needs cash. Badly. His restaurant, Kismet CafĂ©, is doing really well, but since he started helping his mom out financially, it isn't enough. He refuses to give up on his lifelong dream without a fight. So when Greyson Ace appears in his living room one night, offering to pay triple the rent, there’s no way he can afford to refuse. When a misunderstanding leads Grey to believe Yu Jin doesn’t recognize him as the famous actor her is, Yu Jin rolls with it, not wanting to get any closer to the man than he has to. Of course, that would be a lot easier if Greyson wasn’t so charismatic. Or sexy. Or so obviously lonely.

Greyson is hiding something about his scandal, but he's not the only one with problems. The cafe is Yu Jin's way of connecting with his Asian roots, and he can't afford to lose it. Keeping the tarnished actor around might bring bad press. But how is he supposed to turn Grey away when he recognizes the same yearning for connection in him that he himself feels?

As the two of them navigate being roommates and get to know one another, they start to realize despite the poor timing and the things they think they don’t want, some things are simply kismet.

Kismet Cafe is an MM Romance featuring an actor in hiding and a struggling cafe owner in forced proximity. This is an adult book that contains explicit sexual scenes that may not be suitable for all readers, lots of mention of Asian foods, and a koi betta fish named Bao.

Heather's Review:

We get a hint of Greyson Ace and his downfall when we read Avery Tu's collaboration with Kota Quinn, the Baton Blue Daddy series, and find out a lot more in his story Kismet Cafe!  

I really enjoyed this book, although don't read it on an empty stomach... I want all the recipes or at least to find a place like Kismet Cafe to have all the yummy Chinese street foods and egg pie... The characters are adorable and likeable, even though they start out keeping secrets from each other.  

Kismet Cafe can easily be read standalone and you should grab it if you love a good forced proximity, actor in hiding story...

Rating: 4 Stars

Kismet Cafe is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription