How to Train Your Alpha by MM Farmer

"I was curious about omegaverse stories, but they intimidated me until one of my favorite authors mentioned that she was branching out with a new pen name. Somehow the concept wasn’t quite so intimidating with an author I adore. I snagged an ARC when she announced they were available." Ms Aimers on How to Train Your Alpha.

From the blurb:

It’s time for the teacher’s pet to get a sizzling lesson on how to take an omega through heat…


I wasn’t looking forward to wasting a weekend at the Bangers & Mash compound, sitting through Emergency Support Alpha training when I had no interest in actually becoming an ESA, but from the moment the course instructor, Phillip Mash, walked into the room, my alpha senses went nuts.

Who in their right mind would have an omega about to go into heat teach a class full of alphas?


I wasn’t born yesterday. I’d taught the Heat Support class dozens of times. And I had time before my heat started. Or so I thought. But then Jesse Armstrong had to walk through the door and set me off. I thought I could keep it together, but when the two of us were trapped just as Nature took over and turned me into a whimpering pile of slick, I had no choice but to give Jesse a hands-on crash course in taking an omega through heat.

How am I supposed to teach a total newbie how to satisfy me effectively when I’m out of my mind with need?

How to Train Your Alpha is the first book in the Bangers & Mash series. It’s a great start for total newbies to the omegaverse genre, and a fun introduction to a different twist on familiar tropes. However, PLEASE NOTE – No omegas are impregnated in the course of this story, although it does happen in this universe. Also, there is no shifting in this world.

Ms Aimers Review:

MM Farmer’s Bangers and Mash series is the perfect way to dip one’s toe into the omegaverse. It’s so easy to read and engaging that I lost track of time when I was reading. In fact, one of my dogs woke me up in the middle of the night to go outside. Instead of going back to sleep when they were done taking care of business, what did I do? I picked up How to Train Your Alpha and read for an hour or two! 

Jesse and Phillip, along with his Dad and Papa, were very likable and relatable. Phillip is a respected Omega teacher, and Jesse is an Alpha who happens to be auditing Phillip’s class at Bangers and Mash as continuing education. They happen to be stranded together as Phillip goes into heat. There’s never dull moment! 

This is a VERY steamy read. MM is a master of evoking a reader’s emotion. For those who need a happily ever after (me), How to Train Your Alpha will not disappoint. I strongly recommend giving Bangers and Mash a try. I know I can’t wait to read Ty’s story!

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

How to Train a Alpha by Merry Farmer was a great new take on the alpha/Omega fated mates trope. 

Jesse didn't want to go to Bangers and Mash just to sit in a classroom with other alpha's instead of him enjoying his weekend on the beach. He never anticipated he would get a hands on experience and lesson on how to take an omega through their heat. That Omega was Phillip, his teacher. 

Phillip has taught many classes to alpha's teaching them the biology and history of omegas. How to care for an omega through their heat and what they experience during their heat. He thought he would be fine teaching this last class before his heat, but he was wrong. After taking Jesse up to his cabin to show him a ledger from his great grandpa they get trapped in his cabin on the mountain with no way down. What makes matters worse? His heat comes on unexpectedly. He's going to find out really quickly if Jesse has what it takes to become an ESA. 

I really enjoyed this book I appreciated the attention to detail throughout this book. I felt like I was getting a history and biology lesson just like the characters were. I understand that this is fiction but I felt like I was learning so much it was that detailed. Which is fantastic! I love when an author puts in a lot of effort to make their story standout and be so detail oriented. The plotline was really fleshed out and written really well. I think all of the characters added something to this book, something I really enjoyed was this was primarily centered around the main characters relationship which I think was really great. 

Really well written and I'm so excited to read more in this series. I need to know what happens after Ty accidentally serviced the wrong omega. 

Overall a really good story and a great introduction to the world of omegaverse for first time readers. 

Rating: 5 Stars

How to Train Your Alpha is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription