Defending Justin: Hero Daddies book six by Zack Wish

'Mase. Diamond.And a big bed. What else could Justin possibly want?' Defending Justin

From the blurb:

Money isn’t everything, and sometimes it takes a Hero Daddy to prove this…

Justin had it all growing up. Holidays, cars, big houses. You name it, Justin had it. But even with his trust fund, penthouse, and the whole city at his fingertips, Justin is still missing something from his life that would make him a truly fulfilled Little.

When Justin witnesses a serious criminal incident, he needs to be relocated – and fast. But how will Justin deal with suddenly having his carefree life and limitless luxuries removed?

Justin needs a Hero Daddy to protect him, keep him safe, and show him the way out of this situation.

Mase Middleton is a personal protection specialist. Gruff, built like a tank, and bursting with a passion to protect, Mase is a Daddy Dom who never backs down. Growing up with nothing, Mase had to fight his way through life and now he fights to keep others safe.

Mase wants a Forever Little. He’s worried though that his job is simply too dangerous for a Little to handle. Not to mention the fact that Mase has some kinks he doesn’t think a sweet, innocent Little can deal with.

When Mase meets Justin, every bone in his body stands to attention. Mase’s Daddy Dom energy senses that this incredibly cute Little is somehow different to the rest.

Mase must look after Justin and keep him safe. But will this spoilt Little be able to stick to Mase’s uncompromising demands and more basic lifestyle? And how will they both handle the undeniable chemistry between them?

Defending Justin is an MM Age Play romance featuring consenting adults who are perfect for each other. It includes spanking, suspense, sweetness, and a full-blooded Happy Ever After. Enjoy!

A Hero Daddies book that can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger.

Laora's Review: 

I enjoyed the whole 'Hero Daddies' series and this for now the last one, but he author mentions they will be back.. 

Justin is a free spirit little with his stuffie Diamond who finds a 'Hero Daddy' in Mase. As expected, in the series, Justin needs a bit of protection and finds that with Mase, a strict daddy who can use a little in his world. 

I liked the banter of the little friend group and the dynamic in the Daddy group. Justin and Mase find that they each have a more rounded life with the other in it. A cute, sassy story with a little bit of angst and a butt load of spankings 😉.

Rating: 4 Stars

Janet's Review:

Defending Justin is book six in the Hero Daddies series. Seriously loved Mase and Justin!! Justin is a spoiled rich boy, Mase specializes in personal protection. Justin sees something he shouldn't and Mase protects him. 

Overall, fantastic. I think this was the best one yet!! Well written with great pacing.

Rating: 5 Stars

Defending Justin is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription