Cover Reveal and Excerpt: His Rejected Alpha Mate (Sweetwater Pack Book 2) by Jax Stuart

The Sweetwater Pack return in His Rejected Alpha Mate.

Best Friend's Father
Heat Sex
Accidental pregnancy
Magical dildo
Babies, all the babies!

From the blurb:

Finally reunited with his son in his new pack, and free of his former mate, Jasper discovers his fated mate in the heart of the Sweetwater pack. Dakota is an unwelcome complication in an overloaded life.

Dakota wasn't looking for a fated mate. The loss of his love, Cooper, still lingered in his heart. The strange attraction he felt towards his best friend's papa made sense when he met the man. His true fated mate. Rejected instantly, Dakota brushes aside his hurt to make his case but Jasper stubbornly insists they can't be together, denying Dakota of the family he'd started to dream of having.

An unexpected pregnancy brings the pair together. Jasper has to learn to trust not only his life, but the life of his kids, to his new mate when an outside threat comes for the Sweetwater pack.

Proving his worth to his mate, and to himself, has never never been so vital to Dakota, especially with his children, and grandchildren's lives on the line.

His Rejected Alpha contains references to past abuse, an accidental pregnancy, (whoops), lots of babies and a strange threat to the Sweetwater pack. This book must be read as part of the series due to ongoing plot threads.

A slightly NSFW excerpt from Jasper's (Kade's Papa) POV. Subject to change:

My phone rang much earlier than I'd hoped for. I’d been having the most amazing dream and tried to turn back to where I’d been with Dakota. We’d been curled together. He had me wrapped in his muscled arms, thrusting deep inside me. I ached with how empty I felt as the ringing continued. My cock leaked against my stomach as I batted at my phone, attempting to silence it.

The moon run last night meant that most shifters would sleep in today. I was trying to enjoy my chance to sleep in since we'd been here. A couple of hours' extra sleep and a leisurely jerking off session had been in my plans. Angelica would likely sleep until late morning after her late night and all the running she'd done as her fox, giving me some much needed free time. Alas, whoever was calling me had other plans.

Surrendering to the inevitable, I picked up the phone. Immediately regretting that I didn't check the caller ID before answering. "Hello?"

"I'm mad at you. So mad I couldn't sleep, and that means that Blake is mad at you because not sleeping is bad for the babies. I'm on my way and since I'm not allowed coffee now, you better dig out some chamomile tea.” There was a pause. “Roan, we need food first.” It was clear Kade was no longer speaking to me, but I didn’t dare to hang up. “This place is good. Pull in here.” Roan muttered something I didn’t catch. “Ooh, let's order that. Yummy. I'm not mad at Angel, so she gets breakfast." The line went dead.

Guess I was getting up and making tea then.
I hastily washed and dressed. My erection had gone after my brief chat with my son, though I still longed to crawl into bed and use the toy in my drawer. Again.
Looking at the half empty closet, I couldn’t help frowning. I missed all of my things. The box that Silas had sent was barely a few more changes of clothes. Kade had suggested a few stores in town, but my focus had been on Angelica, so I was stuck wearing the same things over and over. Not that I was trying to impress anyone, I just wanted to feel more comfortable. I thought that if I had more of my stuff, this place would feel more like my home. My fox constantly needled me that this didn’t feel like home because our mate wasn’t here.
Kade still had a key, and he let himself in twenty minutes later, chewing on a pastry. "I'm slightly less mad now that I have food." He announced before taking a seat on the sofa.
"Hey, Jasper," Roan greeted. He handed over a paper bag. "Breakfast for you and Angelica. Where's the little kit?"
I looked around for Blake. "No, Blake?"
"Nah, he has work and Dakota is starting work for him today. Roan is perfectly capable of guarding me himself until I get further along." Kade rubbed his stomach with a small smile.

"Okay, then." I went into the kitchen to make tea for us all before second guessing and heading back to check what Roan wanted.

Kade shot him a look that suggested murder if he even thought about taking the coffee that I offered and hastily declined.

"I'll just pop this in the oven on low until Angel gets up." I called through as I bustled about, making drinks, organizing the food and locating a tray for it all.

"So the no coffee thing is going well?" I asked, figuring I'd already pissed him off. I couldn't make it much worse. Kade was like me in so many ways. Our tempers ran fast and hot. Then quickly blew over and everything was cool again. I set the tray on the coffee table and took a seat on the other side of the sofa from my son.

"I know I can have some, and it should be fine. I'm a wolf, after all. With three babies and after being ill with the blockers only a month ago, I really don't want to risk anything. Our cook at the compound is making lots of nutrient-rich foods and… I know what you are doing and I'm still mad!"


"Tell me, dear son, what have I done to anger you so?" I made it sound like I was reciting Shakespeare, and a grin tugged at Roan's mouth.

"How could you reject Kota? Not even just once. He told us it was three times! I mean, I understand you maybe not wanting to bond as soon as you met him, but to not even consider it at all?" Kade was getting worked up. Roan reached a hand out to calm him and a bolt of jealousy ran through me that I wasn't able to be that for my son. I wasn't his comfort or safe space. Roan was, and he'd only been back in Kade's life just days before I was. It felt like there was a gulf I couldn't cross between us.

"It isn't as easy as that. There are things to consider. I wasn't sure at the time if we were staying. Then there's you and your sister to think about." I heard the excuses, and none of them sounded good enough.

His Rejected Alpha Mate releases on October 24th and will be available in Kindle Unlimited.  If you haven't read Sweetwater Pack Book 1 yet, check out our book review of His Reluctant Omega Mate so you can start the series today!


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