Contract Season by Cait Nary (Trade Season Book 2)

Contract Season is the second book in Cait Nary's Trade Season series and has some great characters including the scene stealing Princess Kiwi!

From the blurb:

A heartbroken hockey player and an up-and-coming country music star fake it for the cameras (or do they?) in Cait Nary’s delightfully sexy new novel.

Brody Kellerman has a plan. First, become the best defenseman in professional hockey. Second, get over his ex-boyfriend so he can focus on his game. Hooking up with the singer at his buddy’s wedding was the perfect solution, but it was never meant to be more than a one-night stand.

Seamus Murry has never planned a thing in his life, including hooking up with a smoking-hot hockey player. Being ghosted sucks, but at least one good thing came from it—the breakout hit song of the summer. Now he’s one of country music’s brightest stars, but one slipup—or in this case, video—might cost him his career.

When their video goes viral, Brody and Seamus agree to fake a relationship. But soon it's impossible to remember what is real and what's pretend, and although Brody has no intention of falling for freewheeling Seamus's charm…life doesn't always go according to plan. 

Heather's Review:

How do you have a fake relationship with the one-night stand who ghosted you and who ends up being caught in the same video that outs you to the world?  That's the question that Cait Nary tries to answer in Contract Season.  

This book is a different take on the fake dating trope, fraught with traps from  both Brody and Seamus' pasts and their own history together... plus Sea hates sports and Brody doesn't really like country music... 

This book was hot off the mark and then stopped dead in it's tracks to start a true slow burn that lasts a while... and for me it kind of threw off the pacing just a bit.  There are a lot of angsty moments, some good introspection and a slow conversational build...   the side characters, particularly the rescue cat, Princess Kiwi, are strong and well developed and you see how the characters truly interact in their worlds.  

Contract Season was a good solid read and showed a good blend of Nashville's music and hockey scenes

Rating: 4 Stars