Brutal (Ruthless Daddies #9) - Morticia Knight

A hitman Daddy that stumbles upon his perfect boy, if only he can keep him alive. Brutal is part of the multi-author series Ruthless Daddies, Morticia Knight's story has an innocent and intelligent boy unexpectedly drawn to a dangerous Daddy that only wants to protect him.

From the blurb:

Devante is a vicious hitman. Micah is a pawn in a deadly quest. Kiss or kill? Devante faces the toughest choice of his life…

Another day, another hit. Only this time, Devante’s orders don’t follow the typical script. How did he, the most brutal killer on the payroll of the powerful Zakarian family, get stuck escorting a nerdy ancient artifacts expert around the world? The sooner they can locate the priceless treasure his boss craves, the sooner Devante can dispatch his charge and move on with his life.

If only the sweet young thing weren’t so damn cute and sexy. Such perfect boy material.

Despite the curious circumstances of his mission, Micah is thrilled to be chosen to hunt down an unattainable—ancient artifacts that are one of a kind, believed to be either myth or forever lost. The mere thought that he could be the one to unearth the crown jewel of Atlantis makes Micah shove good sense to the side. Unfortunately, the brutish bodyguard who’s been assigned to accompany him is rude, pushy, snarly and too effing hot for words.

No way would Micah ever hand over his V-card to such a jerk. Nope. It’ll never happen.

The hunt intensifies and danger surrounds them at every turn. No one can be trusted. Ultimately, will Devante kill Micah, or protect and keep him? Either way he loses. If Devante doesn’t complete his mission he’ll be the next target.

Note: Brutal is part of the Ruthless Daddies multi-author collab and a complete standalone. Expect to find a murderous Daddy with an unrelenting protective urge, a nerdy boy who hasn’t a clue he’s about to be owned, plus action, adventure, plenty of steam and a satisfying HEA.

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Ruthless Daddies) but all are standalone stories. Suspense action. Age gap. Daddy/boy. Quick read. 

Hitman Devante is assigned by his boss to guard Micah, a young archeologist needed to authenticate a rare newly discovered jewel, and then dispose of him. But Devante isn’t willing to kill Micah, especially after meeting him and believing that Micah could be his perfect kind of boy, if they can survive the deadly antiquities trade they are supposed to complete. 

Devante is a lethal assassin but being around sweet intelligent Micah brings out all his Daddy and protective instincts. There is attraction, action, steam, and due to the dangerous circumstances a quick dive into trust and feelings. 

As this is a novella, I did not mind the insta-relationship and could see Devante and Micah making a go of a long term relationship. The story entertained me, the steamy interactions and HEA made for a fun read.

Rating: 4.25

Janet's Review:

Brutal is the ninth book in the Ruthless Daddies series. I've seriously adore this authors stories since the first one I ever read of hers. But this one threw me, something felt stereotypical. Devante is a hitman and Micah his boy. I didn't feel the connection between them. The writing is very good though, well written with great pacing. Otherwise, I enjoyed the story.

Rating: 5 Stars

Brutal  is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription