About Last Night - Aimee Nicole Walker

About Last Night is a standalone story set in Aimee Nicole Walker's Savannah Georgia universe. For three years Julian has flirted with Topher, the straight brother of his best friend. But when Topher and Julian start spending more time together and even have to pretend to be boyfriends, Topher can't deny that Julian makes him feel more than friendly feelings.

From the blurb:

The bicurious cop and his sharp-dressed man…

Detective Christopher “Topher” Carnegie is unlucky in love. He either tries too hard, doesn’t try hard enough, or hasn’t found the right person yet. But recently, he’s started seeing Julian Fine, his sister’s best friend, in a new light. If there’s one thing a fabulous tailor knows, it’s how to take a person’s measure. Julian recognizes a straight man when he sees one, but that doesn’t stop him from falling head over heels for the unattainable man.

Just a few short days and one shared bed…

When a white lie backs Julian into a corner, Topher steps in to save the day. He’s worked plenty of undercover assignments before, but pretending to be Julian’s boyfriend during a family wedding might be his most dangerous mission yet. Julian challenges everything Christopher knows about himself, and soon, reaching for each other feels as natural as breathing. But can their newfound feelings survive the real-world challenges they face? There’s only one way to find out.

SNik's Review:

Standalone but the story is set in the author’s Zero Hour/Sinister in Savannah universe. Friends to lovers. Fake boyfriend. GFY. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Tailor/designer Julian has had a crush on police detective Topher since the day they met, and 3 years as friends has only increased the attraction even though Topher is straight and Julian’s heart breaks a little every time Topher goes on another date. 

Unexpectedly spending more time together, Topher begins to realize that maybe he has more than friendly feelings for Julian and for the first time a serious case of attraction towards a man. Really sweet slow build from flirting and friendship to more, both Julian and Topher are likable, caring, and even though hesitant to admit feelings, communicate honestly with each other once they decide to move forward with a romantic relationship. 

Both Julian and Topher have depth to their characters given family, professional and dating backgrounds so that when they finally embrace their relationship it feels realistic and their friendship history makes the transition to lovers easy. 

Fun and easy read, I was grateful for the lack of drama surrounding Topher wanting to be with Julian, and rooted for these two characters that find being together is worth the risk.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Jacquleen the Reading Queen's Review

"If this was my last first date, I didn't want to miss a single moment."

This was just adorably sweet intermixed with hot AF banter between Topher and Julian. I loved how supportive the families were when Topher finally pulled his head out of his butt and realized he maybe had more than platonic feelings for a man for the first time in his life. It was nice that we also didn't have to deal with a big freakout. Topher was very adult in his thoughts and maturely came to terms with it all before he jumped into bed with Julian. After all, Julian was a large part of his families life so there was more on the line than just their friendship if things went sideways. The fear wasn't warranted as Julian and Topher moved into dating as if they'd always been together. Their romance was just a feel good story all around.

Now... we do get a teensey glimpse at what we have in store for us next. MENDOZA!!!!!! Ok I'm done screaming like a lunatic. But come on, it's been a long time coming and I honestly didn't know if we'd ever get his full story. It looks like it's headed our way in December and I'll be not so patiently waiting til then!

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

About Last Night was a phenomenal read! I’ve been waiting for Julian and Topher’s story for forever, or it seemed that way! Their banter was so much fun to read. They both gave as much as they received! 

Their story was sweet, steamy and spicy hot with a pinch of slow burn and a lot of humor mixed in. I loved how Topher didn’t second guess himself, when he was in, he was all in! Julian’s family, real and found are what dreams are made of. 

About Last Night hooked me and didn’t let me go very easily, left me with a big smile on my face! Overall, a phenomenal read! Well written with fantastic pacing that sucked me into reading it in one sitting! Highly recommend.

Rating: 5 Stars

About Last Night is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.