You Again by Dianna Roman

You Again
is a fun read of a trope that we don't see often, but really works with the way Dianna Roman tells it!

From the blurb:

One man looking for love in all the wrong places. Another always in the wrong place.

Brokenhearted and love-scorn, Johnny finds himself forced back into the dating pool by his overbearing mother and meddling best friend. Is it fate, interference, or a dating app glitch that keeps pairing him with his complete opposite, a handsome brick mason with a smile that makes bad decisions worthwhile?

While Aiden is seemingly perfect inside and out, Johnny is a realist. There's no way that man's peanut butter goes with his clumsy, nerdy jelly. If only he could convince his libido and the determined brick mason that he's not on the market, he could get back to his safe, solitary life.

Aiden wants more than just being a pretty face and a night of fun after years of fumbling through encounters that never went deeper than the surface. When he meets Johnny, something behind the skittish photographer's snarky facade speaks to his wanton heart. There has to be a reason they keep crashing into each other in more ways than one. Maybe attraction isn't supposed to make sense and love, even less.

An MM romcom about the ripple effect of broken trust and learning to love yourself before you can love another.

Triggers & Warnings: self-body-shaming, a discussion about biphobia, adult language, consensual sexual content

Janet's Review:

You Again is the first book in the Men of Olympus series. This author is fairly new to me, and I really love the stories of hers that I’ve read so far, this one being no exception. 

You Again is a romcom, full of snark and humor. There were a couple of scenes that I laughed out oud just plain couldn’t stop laughing. I seriously adored Johnny and Aiden, they had fantastic chemistry!! They were well developed and felt realistic. 

Overall, a fantastic read! The story was really well written, the pacing was smooth and flowed nicely, highly recommend.

5 Stars

KJN Rose's Review:

This is the second book I've read by this author, and she writes really well and gives a great story. I loved the characters and the way life kept throwing them together. I can't wait to read the next in the series

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I loved the concept of You Again... different apps, different set-ups and always the same result and Dianna Roman took the trope and ran with it, creating a rom com full of snark tempered with sweet!  I also love how she didn't shy away from the idea that the characters were in different places emotionally and in their dating lives...

If you're reading for a laugh out loud funny read, with a crazy Greek family and just a hint of angst, make sure you add You Again to your TBR!

Rating: 5 Stars

You Again is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription