YBBB: Stephen's Translator (Shadow Elite #0.5) by Jocelynn Drake

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Jacquie read Stephen's Translator (Shadow Elite #0.5) by Jocelynn Drake

From the blurb:

When Meet Cute leads to Meet Trouble.

Ehren is the most adorable man Stephen has ever laid eyes on. A chance encounter leads to an amazing first date and the promise of even more fun.

But all those hopes crash down when someone breaks into Ehren’s apartment.

With dangerous stalkers and rumors of a secret treasure hounding Ehren, Stephen will do anything to keep him safe. Even call his crazy half-brother Charlie and his mercenary friends for help.

Oh God, please don’t let his strange, extended family destroy the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Stephen’s Translator is a Shadow Elite series prequel and features embarrassing first meetings, a shrink who can’t follow his own advice, hot elevator kisses, secret treasure, meddling brothers, and a scorching romance.

Jacquie's Review:

I wanted to read this ahead of Charlie's Doctor which I have an arc of and will get to ASAP. It sets up the mystery to be solved with why Ehren is being targeted and the background of the team, while also giving a sweet meet cute and very quick love story.

Really, their meet cute is adorable, and the pair have a great connection.

I liked Stephen and Ehren a lot and hope they appear in the series even if just as background characters because I really think that they both have skills that will come useful. I think that Ehren's translating skills could come in handy.

Rating: 4 Stars

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