Valter by Alexis Woods

Valter is an exciting first book in The Tenth Step series. Fated mates, high fantasy, paranormal. Fae, wolf shifter and vampire.

From the blurb:

One day, his parents would insist he marry a woman of royal lineage. Prince Valter knew this to be true.
He hated knowing how his life would play out, but ever the dutiful son, he attended his lessons in literature, art, diplomacy, and weaponry. Day after day, he endured the bullying by his brothers, the badgering by his sisters, the snide glances by his tutors, and the silence from his father. His mother’s doting was more than enough.

Life liked to throw him curves, though. His brothers would find new ways to torment him, his sisters would tease him without mercy, his tutors would give him the hardest subjects to learn, and the weapons marshal would work him to exhaustion. While his parents arranged for grand balls, hoping a visiting princess might catch one of his brothers’ attention, or the bountiful lords of society might deem to court his sisters, the opposite sex just didn’t do it for him.

Turns out he needn’t have bothered worrying. The Fae had blessed him, and Fate had already decided on the one… make that two for him.

Valter is the first story of a five-book series. Each book contains a new romantic entanglement, builds on the previous installments, and should be read in order.

Janet's Review:

Valter is an exciting first book in The Tenth Step series. It follows Valter who is the youngest prince who was blessed by the fae. His siblings are jealous of him and torment him to no end.

 Fate has another surprise in store for him, he is blessed with two mates. Duke is an Alpha Wolf shifter and Baron is a Vampire, their two species hate each other. 

The world building in Valter is phenomenal with a fantastic secondary cast of characters. I cannot wait to read more in this series, it hooked me, and I honestly believe that this is my top read of the year. 

Overall, this was phenomenal! Well written with pacing that didn’t let me go very easily. Highly recommend. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Valter is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription