The Bitter Rivals Fiasco by Hayden Hall (Frat Brats of Santa Barbara #4)

The Bitter Rivals Fiasco is a college/New Adult Cinder-fella story with all the feels! 

From the blurb:

I fell in love with the enemy. Twice.


For my twenty-first, I threw a masquerade party and met the most exciting guy on the planet, dressed as a fallen angel. Then, I never saw him again.

And just when I think my life is perfect, in walks my nemesis, Tate Anderson.

The guy’s got no finesse. He looks down on everyone, especially me. So, when the mischievous wannabe matchmaker of a professor forces me into a project with none other than Tate, I seriously consider dropping out.

Except, the more time I spend with him, and the more we growl and bark at each other, the tighter my chest feels around him.

To put him out of my mind and escape the feelings I'd kept at bay for so long, I keep throwing the biggest parties in the city. Like some modern version of Jay Gatsby, I hope to run into my mysterious fallen angel, but he’s ever so elusive.

Until he shows up again.

And I take his mask off…


My life sucks but don’t make a mistake thinking I would let anyone know. Especially not Hudson Blackwood. That guy’s gloating enough already. Ugh… He laughs too much, pretends he’s so cool, nothing really bothers him.

Well, except the fact he’s stuck with me on a semester-long project. But I'm stuck with him just as much. He's also hot as hell and knows it, which makes him infinitely more annoying.

And if that’s not enough, my stepmother is spending the last of my late dad’s fortune on her two sons and I have to study every waking moment to keep my scholarship.

The only escape I’ve had since coming to Santa Barbara were the masquerade parties a tall, handsome guy dressed as The Phantom keeps throwing.

Before I know it, I am hurtling into love and I hate it. I know my stepmother will uproot me again before the year is done. Besides, I don’t even know who this smoking hot Phantom is. This can only end one way, and it's not good.

It's just better for everyone if the masks stay on.

The Bitter Rivals Fiasco is an enemies-to-lovers story featuring one certified player, his moody, lifelong rival, and a Cinderella-meets-Great-Gatsby storyline. This is the fourth book in the Frat Brats of Santa Barbara series. While it can be read on its own, it’s just more fun to read them in order, since the series follows a group of friends as they grow and mature at a prestigious, boys-only business school, Highgate Academy.

Heather's Review:

Hayden Hall does it again... mixing new adult angst with college antics, creating a strangers in the night, cinderfella atmosphere to start Tate and Hudson on a path towards a much friendlier and steamier outcome!

This book dealt with some strong themes - including forced servitude and drudgery ala Cinderella, but it also had laugh out loud funny scenes that lightened the book considerably... 

I didn't put this book down from start to finish - I just had to keep swiping to the next page to see what would happen... if you like College/New Adult romance with a touch of fairy tale magic, you'll truly appreciate what The Bitter Rivals Fiasco brings to the genre.

Rating: 5 Stars

The Bitter Rivals Fiasco is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription