Temerity, Star Station #3 by Toshi Drake

Temerity has nonstop action, danger, and fantastic world building. This story hooked me and didn't let me go!

From the blurb:

Can Gratch save his friends and keep his heart safe before the space pirates destroy everything?

Commander Gratch is stressed. He needs peace after almost losing his friends twice to the space pirates. With the crew of the Padua taking time to rehabilitate and relax on the Asyran Moon, Gratch hopes that all will be well; however, a tiny niggle of suspicion rears its ugly head and all Gratch knows is paranoia. Not everything can be this perfect. All hell will break loose if Gratch isn’t ready. But a nighttime flirtation on the beach with Tyr, a mysterious man, distracts him from his worries and fear.

Until all hell breaks loose and allies become enemies.

Separated from his friends and with deadly robots intent on experimenting on him, Gratch fights to escape. His only chance at surviving is with Tyr who just happened to be at the right place at the right time, ready to rescue him.

Tyr’s knowledge of the land and his sneaky ways worry Gratch. What if this man with his sly humour and his pretty eyes is only helping Gratch to further the Siwu’s agenda? What if Gratch falls for him only to discover how dangerous Tyr is to his family? Is love worth the cost of an alliance?

Featuring a stoic hero and his sexy spy, Temerity will take you on a ride of nights lost in a jungle, killer robots and love built on trust.

Janet's Review:

Temerity is the third book in the StarStation series. Temerity is best read after Sanctity. Temerity follows what has been going on in the second book, Sanctity. 

Seriously love this series! Loved, loved, loved Gratch and Tyr! Commander Gratch is stressed and paranoid. The crew of the Padua is on relaxation, his paranoia takes over. 

Tyr is a mysterious man and distracts him from himself. But Gratch’s paranoia becomes a reality. Tyr maybe his only hope. 

Allies become enemies, enemies become allies, Gratch and Tyr need to watch each other back, as it’s Gratch they are after! 

The plot is amazing, sooo much action and danger, it hoked me and kept me engaged. The world building is fantastic! The secondary characters are integral to the story and sooo freakin good. 

Each of these stories just keep getting better and cannot wait for the next one. Overall, a fantastic story, well written. Highly recommend!

Rating: 5 Stars

Temerity is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription