Room 404 by Trisha Linde

The night Charlie spent in Room 404 changed his life... 

From the blurb:

Behind closed doors at The Scarlet Hotel, anything can happen... even true love.

Omega Charlie never intended to become someone’s dirty little secret, and he certainly never intended to get pregnant. Seems like nothing is going according to plan these days. Facing an uncertain future as a single father is a terrifying prospect, but he refuses to get involved with a new man—he doesn’t want to take advantage of anyone’s kindness. Not even when it comes from an alpha who is handsome and funny and so, so perfect.

Alpha Hugh has a crush on one of the regular customers at his café. Totally innocent, right? Nope. Nothing about his thoughts can be described as innocent. He wants nothing more than to sweep Charlie off his feet, possibly straight into his bed. The only problem? Charlie is pregnant with another man’s child.

Room 404 is the first standalone book in the new m/m mpreg romance series, The Scarlet Hotel, from bestselling author Trisha Linde. Each book features a new couple and begins and ends in a different room at The Scarlet Hotel. Room 404 revolves around an omega who has given up on love, an alpha determined to prove him wrong, a friends-to-lovers romance, an adorable baby, and a well-earned happily ever after.

Angel's Review:

You can't help but feel bad for Charlie with how this book starts. He gets used by a man who's already married and what's worse? That slimeball of a man gets him pregnant! Don't worry though, he gets his prince charming. 

Hugh owns his own café where he works daily. He is usually in his office but when a certain omega comes in that's when he works out front. He's admired Charlie from afar but had been too afraid to do anything about it. Until his coworker tells him to take a ginger tea over to a sick looking Charlie. 

Who knew ginger tea could change their lives?

What started out as friendship grew into a living relationship, one where Hugh stepped up to help take care of their baby and to take care of Charlie as well. 
The baby might not biologically be his but that's not stopping him from calling the baby his son. 

Overall a good story in my opinion, the reason there isn't 5 stars is because I feel like when they eventually got together the story kind of sped up. Everything happened really quickly after that and I got disconnected from the story. 

I recommend Room 404 to anyone who wants to see a lonely and shy café owner gets his happily ever after with a omega who deserves not only a good alpha but his own happy ending.

Rating: 4 Stars