Review: Betrayed and Reborn, Bound Gods #3 and #4 by Adrienne Wilder

Jacquie finished her backlist read with Betrayed and Reborn to complete that storyline of the Bound Gods Series.

From the blurb:

The stakes are rising.

As the god-son closes in leaving more bodies in its wake, treason and betrayal against the Association is unveiled. An inquiry for the Goddesses has been called, threatening everything Leo holds dear.

And the Chimera is not about to let go without a fight.

Despite the dangers lurking in the shadows, Leo wants his doxie Kaleb to think of only one thing. Him. His training. His purpose. And embrace the reality of what he is and not be ashamed of his attraction to Aaron, the doxie tossed aside by Sol.

Attraction is one thing. Bringing the boy to their bed is something else entirely. Kaleb can’t possibly want anyone but Leo. A lie Kaleb will pay dearly for. Penance Leo will be more than happy to deliver.

But penance for a lie will pale in comparison to what Kaleb must do to keep Sol from taking Aaron away, and invoking the Chimera into a lifetime in chains.

Jacquie's Review:

The ongoing storyline is moving along and while I wouldn't say this is a cliffhanger, certain things aren't resolved yet with a few threads to tie up.

While I enjoy the steam, it's gotten more intense, to the point that Kaleb is being tortured more often than not. This makes it a difficult read for me even though I like it.

I'm enjoying the series, I just have to have breaks in between because the subject matter is pretty dark.

Rating: 4 Stars

From the blurb:

Leo promised to keep Aaron and Kaleb forever. Yet he’s left them with nothing more than a note with instructions to obey the commands of another god? A god who has the key to Kaleb’s collar. A god who will tell them nothing about what’s happened to Leo or where he’s gone.

Kaleb and Aaron both fear the worst. That Leo has not abandoned them, but left them because he won’t be coming back. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t.

Too many have died and the god-son is growing stronger. With no way for any god to track it, Leo has only one choice left. Fight fire with fire.

Or in this case Chimera against Chimera.

The problem is Leo has always maintained control of the beast within him. Using its natural senses to do what no other can. In order to stand a chance at tracking and killing the god-son Leo must give the Chimera within complete control.

And the Chimera might not let him return if he does.

Jacquie's Review:

This book ends part of the storyline and opens up a new one, where the focus shifts from Leo and his doxies to the other gods. I enjoyed meeting the other gods.

I really liked how the chimera was handled, and that Kaleb and Aaron were sent to the priest. He's a fascinating character.

Seeing Leo's beast was pretty cool and I think that's what made this one the highlight of the series for me. There was more action, more of the abilities of the various gods, more of the plot outside of the bedroom. Don't get me wrong, I love steamy scenes, but I was feeling sorry for Kaleb. In this, his devotion to both Leo and the Chimera came through, as well as his deep love for Aaron.

After another break while I catch up with other arcs, I think I'll continue with the rest of the series.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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