Psync 2, Enchanted University #3 - Zile Elliven

Psync 2 reconnects with Eli and Haruka, the couple that started the Enchanted University series. They are back with all the possessiveness, banter, steam and action as they continue to fight for to get the HEA that has been denied them for centuries.

From the blurb:

Everything was finally going Eli’s way.

Anxiety? Tolerable.

Being a creep magnet? Sorted.

Soulmate? Acquired.

Vengeful god hellbent on ruining their lives? …

Okay, so maybe Eli hadn’t solved that one yet.

He shouldn’t have been surprised when Helios finally made his play, but now Eli has more problems in his lap than he ever thought he could manage.

Who’s a neurospicy guy supposed to call on when he needs to get back the one person who means more to him than anything in the world?

An army of his spicy friends, of course.

Psync 2 is a steamy, 18+ 94,000 word MM romance with the following tropes: Fated mates, touch aversion turned to bliss when touching your mate, hurt/comfort, yandere main character, and meddling gods.

Content notes:
-Trauma-related mental illness
-Mentions of past childhood trauma
-Size difference
-Obsessive/possessive love interest
-Touch Averse MC who can only be touched by love interest
-College Romance with a fantasy element

SNik's Review:

Third in series (Enchanted University), must be read in order. Paranormal fantasy. Established couple. Fated mates. Hurt/comfort. Dual POV. 

A return to campus with Eli and Haruka (from the first book in the series) at the start of a new year as they settle into their relationship and due to their bond they have no trouble communicating and managing their codependency. 

This story dives further into the magical realm and the gods that are invested in Eli and Haruka, with a lot of conflict outside of their relationship full of action and the introduction of a few new mysterious secondary characters. 

There is still the supportive secondary cast of friends and a lot going on with some side story arcs that are not fully explained but perhaps set ups for future stories in the series. 

Eli and Haruka deliver the expected possessiveness and steam, while both growing as more equal partners and committing to fight against their adversaries as a couple. 

Entertaining references to Japanese culture and anime, with some sweet endearments in different languages. 

Psync 2 was a fun read and this series has characters that you can root for as they find their other half that makes them happy and complete.

Rating: 4 Stars

Janet's Review:

Psync 2 was simply phenomenal!! This story did not disappoint! I picked it up immediately got sucked right into the story, sooo freakin hard to put down. 

Eli and Haruka are my all-time favorite characters of Zile’s! I love how Haruka is so obsessed and possessive of Eli. I loved watching Eli grow and be more confident. 

Both Eli and Haruka have gone through so much character growth and are true soulmates. He’s going to need it for what is to come. I loved getting a little more of the history.

 The secondary characters are fantastic! Loved seeing Isa and Briar!! The story is such an emotional journey. 

Overall, a phenomenal story so well written that I was enraptured and immersed in it. The pacing was fantastic, flowed just so smoothly highly recommend! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Psync 2 is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription