Playing the Player (Miami Piranhas #2) by Beth Bolden

The Miami Piranhas are back in Playing the Player

From the blurb:

Center Logan Banks didn’t come to Miami looking for a best friend.

He came for football and for a chance at freedom—the freedom to live out of the closet.

But after a water main break, he lands an unexpected roommate, the new Piranhas kicker, Dylan Leonard. Between practices, games, and too many late nights on the couch, a best friend is exactly what he gets.

When Logan’s past rears its ugly head and threatens to destroy the freedom he’s hoped for, Dylan becomes more than just a friend. He becomes a lifeline.

But then their friendship gets incorrectly labeled as something more, and Dylan shocks Logan by suggesting they play along with a fake relationship.

Logan knows it’s off limits to fall in love with Dylan. He’s supposed to be straight, he’s his best friend, his roommate, and his teammate. But the closer they grow, and the more he and Dylan fake falling in love, the more real it feels.

The more real Logan wants it to be.

Making a play for love is the biggest risk he’s ever taken, but he wants it all and he wants it with Dylan.

Janet's Review:

Playing the Player was sooo freakin good!! 

Logan has come to Miami to be free. What he gets is Dylan. After a water main breaks, he crashes on Dylan’s couch. When Logan’s ex outs him on Tik Tok, Dylan is there for him. 

I adored Logan and Dylan. I loved their instant friendship. I loved their communication! I loved their support of one another. I loved that was a angst free, a swoon worthy story. 

Overall, this was fantastic, well written with great pacing that just flowed. I literally could not put this book down.

Rating: 5 Stars 

Angel's Review:

I read the first book in this series and I really enjoyed it, so I was really eager to read this one. Logan's character is so sweet and charming, he offered to share his home with a stranger. He didn't ask for anything in return, he just offered. Dylan couldn't believe that this guy, this stranger, would let him into his home. Neither of them expected to not only become best friends but to become ever more than that.

This is such a cute friends to lovers romance, with football being as big of a deal as the actual romance. Now I'm not a sports person, I couldn't tell you what would be happening if I went to football game, however, despite me not being a huge fan of sports I really enjoyed this book.

The sports scenes are written in a way where even I can understand what's happening, I hate that while this story if fiction a lot of this components written are actually true. The NFL chews players up without really caring about them, the players get injured or suffer from all of the publicity all around them and they just have to deal with it. Like what's happening to Davis? That could happen to one of the players now. Honestly, this series could be happening in the real world.

Beth knows how to write football characters and knows how to write about football in a way where it doesn't drag on. It's necessary to the overall story for that to be there. I personally loved being able to read about past characters while reading this book. Tristan, Wade, Sea Bass, Beau, Pax... They all added new dynamics and dimension to this story, all of the characters belonged. I am so eager to read about Pax... I really want him and Davis to have their happy ever after.

Overall, wonderful book! Terrific writing, you could feel how much research the author did to write this book. Funny, sweet and relatable characters that made me smile like a loon several times. A wonderful setup for the next book in this series, Beth... I don't know if I can wait that long.

I also loved the date box element, I didn't even know that was a thing. Now I do. 

I highly recommend this book!

Rating: 5 Stars

KjnRose's Review:

This series just keeps getting better and better, from the prequel to this book. I love reading books by Beth Bolden, but there is just something about her sports series that I really get into.  

Logan and Dylan just clicked from the moment they met, and it got better from there. There are always such great characters in the books this author writes and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I love how Beth Bolden's love of football translates to her books, and this time its the depth she's taken to get into Dylan's mind as a kicker whose been traded to the Miami Piranhas... We know she can write football stories, but kickers are special and Dylan's story reflects that.

This book moves from instant connection to friends, to fake dating to lovers in a natural progression that everyone except the men involved were anticipating - and again, delicious...

Beyond football, the characters are well developed, fun and quirky and that has me thinking about them long after I've finished the book...

If sports romance is your jam, you need to add Playing the Player to your TBR immediately after finishing book 1 - it can be read standalone, but why risk it...

Rating: 5 Stars

Playing the Player is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription


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