Pierce Him Gently by Lilo Quie

Laora read Pierce Him Gently and was left asking, "can a vampire turn into a werewolf? What is happening?" 

From the blurb:

The omegas of Club Despair have lived just like the name suggests, in utter despair, for generations. Things are about to change.

Biker and wolf shifter Timber lives on the open road, his beast unwilling to settle anyplace for long. His wolf longs to settle down—with the wrong omega. From the outside, it looks like he is running away, and maybe he is. But fate was wrong—wolves don’t mate vampires. Full. Stop.

Pierce’s life sucks. Literally. He’s an omega vampire rejected by his mate, living a second-class life with others suffering a similar fate. It's not until a big ass shifter barges into Club Despair, marking him as his own and taking three bullets for him, that Pierce sees a glimmer of sunlight seeping in. Not really sunlight, of course—’cause, you know, the whole vampire thing...

Too bad the sunlight isn’t enough to turn his world around. Not with wolf and vampire politics, a past Pierce wishes to forget, and, you know, that pesky being mated to another thing.

Pierce Forsaken Few is the first book in Lilo Quie’s highly anticipated series, Forsaken Few: Omegas of Club Despair. It is a sweet with knotty heat mpreg romance full of second chances, first discoveries, uncovered secrets, an adorable baby…or three….fine, there are triplets, true love, fated mates, and a guaranteed happy ever after. If you like your alphas smexy and your omegas with bite, download your copy today!

Laora's Review:

The author is of to a great start with the first book in this new series.  And I fully emerged myself ibto the tale. She creates a good fantastical world. The writing style and storytelling are really enjoyable to me. There are one or two things that made a lot of sense to me in the overall world-building and storytelling, the important one to me that Timber was switched  Hoe did Shaw not realize this, maybe the emotions of he moment and not properly scented him yet?

Pierce and Timber are  are a powerful couple both also strong as their own separate characters.
I really found the whole vampires and weres mixing and being stronger together a great concept. And regression of a vampire to his original being, so original. I liked the strong omega objective and an alpha(s) who is not afraid to defer to him and lead together when needed. Oh and the cute pups, so excited to see what they turned out to be .

I am looking forward to more background and expansion of  this fantastical world.  Lilo placed so much options to expand it further and I am already looking forward to the next book.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Pierce Him Gently is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription