Nyte (Vampyre Dominion #1) by Hellie Heat

Vampyres rule and humans are subjugated in this Nyte the first in a new series from Hellie Heat. On opposite sides, Haven is the vampyre that comes into possession of Cypress a vampyre slayer and rebel. A growing connection between them has no future when one man is trying to survive and the other just longs for death.

From the blurb:

Humanity is lost.

Noxious gases blot out the sun, drowning the world in eternal night—vampyres hold dominion. Humans are livestock.

But not all humans heel without a fight.

Cypress is a vampyre killer. Born into slavery, he escaped to become a hunter for the human liberation movement known as the Veritas. But his worst fears are realized when, after a horrific raid of the Veritas camp, he is captured again. After putting all efforts toward escaping, he encounters the one thing he couldn’t have expected...a vampyre who challenges all his notions of what it means to be human.

Haven Bathory is beautiful, but more than that. His cherubic face hides dark secrets, a past that leaves him scarred behind his carefully crafted mask. Something about the young vampyre's damaged soul calls to Cy, and he’s powerless not to answer.

As betrayal runs rampant, Cy must choose where his allegiance lies. But can he ever truly trust a vampyre? And can he trust his own heart, when it’s so desperate to lead him astray?

Reader Warnings: This book contains content that could be triggering to some readers. Dark themes in this series include graphic depictions of violence, torture, human trafficking, sexual assault and depictions of rape/non-consensual sexual situations as well as child abuse and mentioned child sexual abuse.

SNik's Review:

First in series (Vampyre Dominion). Paranormal. Slow burn. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

In a world where vampyres rule and humans only exist to feed and entertain, Cypress was born a slave but escaped to become a rebel and vampyre slayer. 

Captured once again, Cypress is gifted to Haven, a strong but unusually compassionate vampire serving the whims of his sire, but he is unwilling to harm Cypress. 

Both Cypress and Haven have traumatic and horrible pasts, and are struggling to survive and escape their current circumstances. 

Even being enemies there is a slow build towards affection between Cypress and Haven, but it is a complicated relationship filled with secrets and mistrust. 

The story is filled with all sorts of conniving and maneuvering for power, loyalty, betrayal, and violence within the vampyre ranks and in the humans' fight for freedom. 

An overarching storyline will continue over the series so there is no HEA/HFN for now, but this book will leave you willing to wait for more to see Cypress and Haven get their HEA.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Nyte is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Jacquie's Review:

Please heed the TW. Nyte is incredibly dark and in places, pretty grim reading. There's an allegory for animal rights in there that some might find upsetting.

A compulsive read, I found it hard to put down. Each of the mcs were very much grey morally, but it was impossible not to root for them.

Very much a slow burn in terms of feelings for each other but I liked that and it felt natural.

There's a mild cliffhanger and the whole of this book is setting up the impressive worldbuilding and larger plot.

I will absolutely be picking up the next book/s 

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Fantastic, outstanding, phenomenal! Nyte is raw and gripping, well descriptive with fantastic world building. 

The world is in ruin by our own making. The descriptions of this felt so freakin realistic, like I had helped to destroy our world. Vampyres have taken dominion over Terra. Humans have become cattle for them. 

Cypress is human and a vampyre slayer. He will willingly sacrifice himself to save those he loves. He’s captured and given as a gift to Thorne. 

Haven, a vampyre is entrusted to take Cy to Thorne. Cy tries to get to know his enemies but lies, betrayals and deceptions will make that difficult. 

Both men have horrendous past they must overcome in order to survive. The secondary cast of characters are phenomenal. I hated and loved them in equal parts.

 I seriously loved, adored every word in this story. I was glued to the pages, enraptured, ensnared into the written word, kept on the edge of my seat, I couldn’t stop reading it. 

Beware this is the first book in the series and leaves us with a cliffhanger of sorts but it’s so good that I didn’t mind. I just want more!! Overall, a truly phenomenal read!!! Well written with pacing that flowed. 

Rating: 5 Stars