Nox, Lords of Otherworld #3, by Stella Rainbow

Nox is book three in the Lords of Otherworld series. I loved Nox and Harlan together. We get taken on a journey and meet all new supes! Another fantastic addition to a really promising series. 

From the blurb:

The fearless Keeper of the Chasm. An ex-warlock recovering from death. An evil rising from the flames.

When my idea of sneaking into the Burning Chasm for a recon mission was shot down by everyone, including the King of Otherworld, I probably should've listened.
Now I was stuck inside a chasm full of the blackest souls of the world, and I could get caught any moment by the very evil we were trying to fight.
Would I be able to get out in time, or was this the end for me?

When I'd taken a fatal hit to save my best friend's life, I hadn't known I'd end up in a whole new realm, fight a whole new evil.
I also hadn't known I'd find and lose my mate on my first day in Otherworld. But I wouldn't let him slip away so easily, no matter how hard I needed to fight to get him back.
But in a fight against these unknown forces, would I be strong enough to get Nox out before he succumbs to the darkness of the Burning Chasm?

Nox, the third book in the Lords of Otherworld series, features a badass soul who has trouble following orders, a newly minted soul collector with a savior complex, and a romance that is equal parts sweet and spicy.

Each book in the Lords of Otherworld series features a different couple with an overarching plotline. Each book ends in an HEA for the couple, but it is recommended to read the books in order for the most enjoyment.

Angel's Review:

Nox by Stella Rainbow is the next book in the Lord's of Otherworld series. 

This book starts out with a bang! The book starts out with Nox jumping into the chasm to try to find out more information about all the strange things happening in the world. While he did get the information he wanted, he also got trapped and injured in the chasm. Until his mate portals in and rescues him. 

I really enjoyed all the characters that were introduced into this series. A kraken/fae, kelpie, wyvern, and a troll? Not to mention the wendigo? I have never read about those characters in a book before and now I have! I really hope those characters all get their own stories at some point. 

The main storyline of this book was excellent as always, Nox and Harlan along with the others who are from the Otherworld try to heal and rescue all of the supes suffering from black magic. There is still romance involved of course, Nox and Harlan are mates after all. I almost awe'd out loud when they went out on their date, I loved that part of the book.  If you are wondering what the heat level is I would say it's a solid 4. There aren't a lot of steamy moments but when you come across those moments it's pretty steamy. 

I have to say that I don't think it's fair how Stella ended this story, I mean how could you? I'm going to be eagerly waiting for Lionel's story to come out now. Especially because of what Nox and Lionel figured out at the end of this book. The mystery just gets better and better the more this series goes on. 

I highly recommend this book along with the whole series. (While this could be read as a standalone I strongly recommend reading the previous books first. It'll be so much better, trust me!) 

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Nox is book three in the Lords of Otherworld series. 

I loved Nox and Harlan together. Nox is the Keeper of the Chasm. Harlan is an ex-warlock that died to save his best friend. 

Nox and Harlan are total opposites. Nox is a little snarky and Harlan is just plain sweet, a really nice balance. 

The story is fast paced with a ton of action. It was literally non-stop, which made it a little difficult to keep up with. I do want to say that the plot was well developed, the world building continues to grow with each book and the author takes us deeper into that, I’m impressed with that! 

I really liked the crossover with the Mistvale clan. 

Overall, a great story, a fantastic addition to the Lords of Otherworld series. Well written, definitely recommend. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Nox is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription