Levi's Love (Maine Men #7) by K.C. Wells

Levi's Love is the finale to the Maine Men series, and wonderful send-off for a great series. 

From the blurb:

Unrequited love hurts like hell

Levi Brown has loved Noah White since he was a teenager, but Noah isn’t looking for a relationship. Every time Levi sees him, his heart aches for what it cannot have. Because dear Lord, he wants Noah, in his life, in his bed.

Especially in his bed. The only reason Levi is still a virgin is because he was waiting for Noah. Except Noah doesn’t want him. Maybe it’s time for Levi to finally accept the situation and move on.

Something stirs for the first time

Noah White doesn’t find people unattractive – he just doesn’t want to jump into bed with any of them. He and Levi have been like brothers most of their lives, and when shocking news rocks Levi’s world, Noah is there for him. When their relationship intensifies, Noah is exhilarated and excited – and confused. It’s kind of fitting that the first person he finds himself wanting is his best friend, but not if Levi doesn’t want him that way.

How long before Levi and Noah see what’s right under their noses?

Maybe it’s time for an intervention…

Sheena's Review:

Levi's Love is the final of the Maine Men series, and it's the story I've been waiting for since we met Levi and Noah waaaay back in Finn's Fantasy.  It's been teased all through the series, and finally it's their turn.  Not going to lie, I was worried for Grammy all through this book, and it did add a little angst to what is an absolutely sweet story of two men who are absolutely perfect for each other.

It's also a wonderful exploration of sexuality - as most of the Maine Men books have been, this time dealing with asexuality/demisexuality and the idea that sexuality isn't fixed, it's completely fluid and changeable.  I felt this was all dealt with wonderfully well, and I loved Noah's conversations with Mark over the fence, it was good to see the other characters that have been introduced over the series coming back for the finale too.  

I was so happy to see that Levi and Noah sorted themselves out without the 'help' of their friends, but also good to see how supportive the whole group was, they only ever want the best for one of their own and that's tracked through the whole series.  

This is the send-off for the Maine Men and having read from the start, this is a wonderful send off for a great series that I've spent many happy hours reading and enjoying.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

If you haven't followed all seven books in the Maine Men series, now is the perfect time to start your binge!  It's always bittersweet when the final book in a series comes out, but this is a story that's been teased since Finn's Fantasy (book 1) and we finally see how the machinations of the other Maine Men, Grammy and the universe finally give Noah and Levi their shot at a HEA.

Levi's Love is the epitome of slow burn, friends to lovers with Levi having carried his feelings for Noah since high school and Noah has buried his own feelings behind inadequacy... it's a truly fitting end to the journey, and highlights not only Levi and Noah's character development, but just how far the entire friend group has come from start to finish...

While some of the others in the series could be read standalone, as the conclusion to the series, this one needs the backstory to be thoroughly enjoyed.  If it's just the trope that's got you though, KC Wells does do a good job of highlighting the history and angst felt by the characters.

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacqueleen's Review:

I have been waiting for Levi's story since I first read the blurb for the start of this series back in April 2021. Even more, after meeting this wonderful group of men who steal your heart with their amazing bond of friendships. They all love each other like family, but there is one amongst the group Levi loves even more. It takes us numerous books and various men of the group to couple off and fall in love for us to finally learn the one Levi has set his heart on since they were teens. Levi couldn't have picked a more perfect partner than Noah.

Both Noah and Levi had character growth throughout their story. There was a lot of introspection on Noah's part. Coming to terms with one's sexuality as a fluid spectrum isn't always easy. Levi learning that his needs are just as valid and important as those he cares for. And finding out the best friend you love with all your heart loves you in return. I honestly adored these two together and enjoyed their gradual shift from best friends to lovers. I will miss these characters so much and was so happy Wells gave them such a wonderful ending.

Rating: 5 Stars

Levi's Love is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription