Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned by TL Travis

I know I've said this many times but I can’t help it, I really do love complex books. And Forgive Me Father, For I have Sinned, is an exact example of a book that doesn’t run away from controversial jabs or unpopular opinions.  

From the blurb:

Shunned and cast aside by his faith and family, Jamie is left to do whatever it takes to survive.

He comes across a group of kids in the same predicament, braving the streets of Seattle due to circumstances beyond their control. Lost souls who’ve slipped through the cracks of the broken systems society forced them into. Yet they still offer what little they have to him, including their home.

As time moves on, darkness surrounds him and when one of their own fall’s victim to the streets, Jamie wonders if there’s anything left worth living for. When his savior appears out of nowhere, he finds it hard to believe its real because he knows he’s not worth loving.

This is Jamie’s story from the #1 Amazon Bestselling book, Greyson Fox.

Potential triggers:
Sexual and physical abuse by church and family members, cheating, drug usage, prostitution and thoughts of suicide. Flashbacks of the abuse are present throughout this book. These are the opinions of the characters and in no way reflect the author.

Zakiyya's Review:

The author’s bold approach and ability to tackle difficult topics in a sensible way made this such an interesting book for me.

We follow Jamie on this difficult, painful and ever-relatable journey of self-discovery.

Having come from a perilous home-life Jamie’s hardship continues for a long while to come but his will to live and fierce determination makes him a commendable character that you cannot help but root for.

The story was compelling and well-paced with a host of equally well-written characters.

Butch was awesome and exactly the kind-hearted, beautiful soul that Jamie deserved after everything he’d been through.

The size difference and lace panties elevated the undeniable heat between these two and raised the steam to scorching levels.... 🔥🥵🔥

Forgive Me Father, For I have Sinned has quite a few triggers, and may be difficult for some so please heed the warnings.

Rating: 5 Stars

Laora's Review:

Triggers apply and do need to be taken seriously as mentioned by the author

After having listened to the first book 'Greyson Fox' a while ago, I started off by re-listening to that audio to get back into the storyline. I remembered that book hurt my soul a bit with the hurt and rejoiced later on.  I can safely say after reading this second book, which I also found back on my tbr,I felt the same and at times thought, how much can one person handle? The author really dragged me into the story from the first page onwards.

This second book has a huge overlap of the story told in Greyson Fox, but is told from Jamie his POV. The book, as the second in the saga, has a similar story set up as book one: in the earlier chapters we follow Jamie as a child, who was abused and used by his birth parents and a leader in his parents church. And neglected and ignored by all that could and should have intervened. The story gets even more traction and desperation when he is kicked out of his birth home at fifteen by his birth father, after being severely beaten by said man and discharged from hospital, with a one-way bus ticket to Seattle.

He first finds a kind of friendship and heart ship with a few other under age boys who all have their own harrowing stories.  And not all survive their past and ongoing abuse and trauma.

Circumstances and the group changes and in dire need to earn money, he turns to doing sex work, which progresses but later on gives him more control. But nothing goes ever smoothly, so one night he almost loses his life, but that night is also the turning point in his life.

The second part starts when he finds honest hard-working people in Daniel and Marcus (supporters of LGBT causes) who give him a chance with respect, protection, a place to be safe and help to cope with all his trauma by a therapist and through friendship.

He starts to thrive and finding his love for dance again and making a good living. But nothing is every easy in Jamie his life. He still encounters trauma and loss, but above all he is a survivor who even finds the love of his life in Butch and enjoys his found family.

Rating: 5 Stars

Forgive Me Father, For I have Sinned has been re-released with a new cover and is currently available as an e-book and audiobook and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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