Dix (Elite 8 Studios, #1) by Emmy Sanders

Niko knows his new costar kind of hates him, but he won't back down from his scowly coworker even though they are fire in every scene they film. Dixon hates Niko, right? But what if the hate is actually attraction and could lead to the forever kind of love and commitment both men have only ever dreamt of?

From the Dix blurb:

Do you believe in hate at first sight?

If I had to choose one word to describe my new cocky costar, it’d be exasperating. Nikolas Adamos may look like a Greek god—and he certainly struts around like he knows it—but unlike everyone else, I refuse to fall prey to his charms.

Unfortunately for me, Niko and I get paired to do a series of lovey-dovey boyfriend videos for our employers at Elite 8 Studios. And when you film the sort of scenes we do, up close and personal takes on a whole new meaning.

I may have to play nice while the cameras are rolling, but off set, it’s another matter entirely. So what if our chemistry is off the charts? That doesn’t mean a thing. Nor does the tender look in Niko’s eye when we’re together under the lights.

Because I know the truth. Nikolas Adamos revels in riling me up. And even though my pesky friends think I need fireworks after a string of fizzled relationships, I have no doubt if I allow myself to get any closer to my new fake boyfriend, I’ll only end up burned.

Dix is a grumpy/sunshine, one-sided enemies-to-lovers romance with hate at first sight, forced proximity for two costars who work between the sheets, banter and snark galore, plenty of industrial-sized lube, and one very HEA. It’s book 1 in the Elite 8 Studios series, featuring characters that were introduced in Virgin Hearts (Plum Valley Cowboys Book 2), but can be read as a standalone.

SNik's Review:

First in series (Elite 8 Studios). Coworkers. Grumpy/sunshine. Dual POV. 

Taking an instant dislike to his new costar, Dixon doesn’t want to spend time with the charming Niko as he reevaluates his boring life and failed past relationships. But Niko won’t leave Dix alone and each scene they share together has both men reeling from their chemistry. 

Niko is more than willing to believe there is more than meets the eye with Dixon and believes their connection can be more than sexual and he wants to try with the kind hearted Dixon. 

Definitely true to the grumpy/sunshine trope, this story has all the feels with descriptive backgrounds for both Niko and Dixon to explain what makes them tick, a great bunch of secondary supportive characters, steamy interactions, and a good amount of banter between two men that won’t back down. 

Niko is wonderful in accepting all of Dixon and being committed to all of him, while Dixon works to communicate his fears and his feelings honestly which is just swoony. 

Dix is a thoroughly enjoyable read for this start of a new series, and a sweet HEA.

Rating: 5 Stars

Dix is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription