Cover Reveal & Excerpt: My (Not So) Bossy Professor by DK Sutton

So excited to be able to share the cover and an excerpt for My (Not So) Bossy Professor by DK Sutton!  It's the fourth book in the Not So University Series.  Pre-order your copy today or nab it on September 16th from Kindle Unlimited!


The straight hot football coach is off limits.

Detective Liam Mason is fine with that.

Until their arguing and fighting turns to kissing, and Liam can’t get enough.

Trace Powers is the key to their undercover investigation and Liam’s new orders are to do whatever it takes to get close.

But pretending to be a professor and Trace’s fake-boyfriend, even if it’s just for the benefit of his staff, seems especially reckless when Liam discovers an illegal operation happening off the field.

And realizes his feelings for the football coach are very real.

Trace is in danger, and Liam will risk everything to save him. 



I scrubbed the tiredness from my eyes. Keeping Trace safe gave me even more incentive to catch this guy—whoever it was—and end this once and for all.

The Malibu Henry had climbed into didn’t move. Had he spotted me? It was dark, and I couldn’t see his movements. Was he making a phone call? Watching Trace? Or finding a song he liked on the radio?

No telling—a knock on my window startled me, and I spilled the coffee I was relying on to keep awake. I grabbed a napkin, trying to ignore Trace as he glared at me through the window of my Jeep Cherokee.

I blotted at my shirt and then rolled the window down trying to look—not innocent—never innocent—but like I belonged there. “What?”

“Are you spying on me?”

“Don’t flatter yourself, Coach. I’m not one of your groupies.”

He leaned down, his hands gripping the door panel. “Your proximity to my house and the pictures on your phone say differently.”

“I don’t—” But the lie wouldn’t come. He was guessing. He had to be, but I didn’t have a way to plausibly refute his words. Time to go on offense. 

“Your date seems…nice.” I raised a brow and glanced over at the car already disappearing from sight. Way to screw up a promising stakeout, Mason.

“Fuck you.”


“No, seriously, Liam. Fuck. You.” His blue eyes flashed with anger. And heat. “You had your chance. Remember that?” He stood up, scrubbing his fingers through his short hair and shutting his eyes. Was he remembering the stairwell? His hand on my chest holding me still as he desperately kissed my mouth, my neck, my jaw…

Ignoring those extremely unhelpful thoughts, I caught his gaze. “I remember you being a needy mess—”

His hand slammed the roof of the Jeep hard enough to leave a dent. Had I pissed him off enough? I needed him to go back in his house where he belonged. 

But I should have known better than to push him. That never worked out the way I wanted. Or it was exactly what I wanted but shouldn’t.

The passenger side door opened, and Trace dropped into the unoccupied seat. I shook my head, and he grabbed my leg—not high enough. Not nearly high enough—and leaned in. “Want to say that again? Tell me how needy I am, Liam? Because I remember how to make you fall apart.”

Doesn't this sound delious!  Pre-order your copy of My (Not So) Bossy Professor today or nab it on September 16th from Kindle Unlimited!