Cover Reveal & Excerpt: DILF (The Kink List Episode 1) by Leslie Ayla

So excited to be part of the team sharing the cover and an excerpt for the first episode of The Kink List, DILF...

How far would you go if your ex told you that you're boring in bed?

Me? I'm an overachieving, cross-dressing Diva with a capital D that will go all the damn way.
After spending, the night in our cups Orion and I came up with the perfect plan.
A kink list. A bucket list of kinks to try.
Together the two of us will work our way down the list and see what fits and what doesn't.
First up? Mr Tall, silver and absolutely delicious.
Can this sexy silver fox help me get over my heartache? Or is he another disaster waiting to happen.

Follow Jamie and Orion as they explore what it means to be sexually woke young men.

The Kink List is an MM Smut Serial that will leave you dehydrated and begging for more


I might have had a little too much to drink, but can you blame a guy if he moans to his best friend and roommate after a bad break-up, and they then proceed to get absolutely shit-faced in their dorm room after a play-by-play of said break-up? Nope,nope, you can’t.

“I think you should write a blog post about the twat. Call him out on his shit. Make sure everyone knows how cold and cruel he is,” Orion says, and doesn’t seem quite as drunk as I am.

I squint at him, ready to berate him when an idea comes to me.

“You know what I should do?” My words are slightly slurred, and I’m pretty sure I’m looking at two copies of my best friend. Having two Orions isn’t a bad idea, though. He’s tasty. Two Ri’s mean double the tasty. Orion’s snort has me blushing. Canhe read my mind now?

“No, shithead. You said it out loud. And I’m ever so grateful you think I’m tasty, but can you maybe get to the point where you complete your first thought? What are you gonna do?”

“Oh, yes! It’s a brilliant idea. Just you wait till you hear it. I’m such a bore in bed,right? Well, there’s only one way to fix that. I need to go on a sexual exstlo… exsplot…wait!” I hold up my finger to Orion’s lips to stop him from laughing at my fumble. He still lets out a chuckle. The ass. “Exploration! Yes! Knew I’d get it right.”

“Yes, Sherlock, you got it right. Well done. Now, explain.”

I look at his startling blue eyes. I want to lick his chin and nibble on his luscious lips. When his lips stretch into another grin, I realize I might have been staring for a bit longer than I should be. With a quick shake of my head, I dislodge those naughty thoughts. He really is remarkably good-looking. But he is also my best friend. And pretty fucking straight, to boot. Can’t go there. Nah-ah. Nope.

“Yes. Sexual exploration. Um… I’m gonna make a bucket list. Like in that book we read, right? A fuck-it list? But instead of making one with the different kinds of people I’d like to fuck, I’m going to start exploring all of those kinks that Brent apparently thinks I should have been partaking in.”

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