Charlie's Doctor, Shadow Elite #1, by Jocelynn Drake

Charlie's Doctor is the first in a new action filled series by Jocelynn Drake. A second chance for mercenary Charlie to win back Dr. Will Monroe, and protect him at all costs while digging into secrets some powerful men want kept hidden.

From the blurb:

A second chance to say ‘don’t let me go’.

When paintings for an artist who disappeared roughly fifty years ago suddenly surface, Charlie and his friends decide it might be worth looking into what really happened. Besides, who isn’t up for adventure and fun in Buenos Aires?

But things go horribly sideways when Charlie stumbles across Dr. William freaking Monroe—the only man to claim and then destroy Charlie’s heart.

Now they’re on the run, dodging bullets and digging for the truth. Charlie wants nothing to do with Will. It’s his heart that’s screaming for a second chance.

Is it too late to get past years of anger and misunderstandings to grab the love that still burns between them?

Charlie's Doctor is the first full-length novel in the Shadow Elite mercenary series and features stubborn men with poor communication skills, second chances, meddling brothers, explosions, and love on the run in Argentina.

SNik's Review:

First in series (Shadow Elite). Second chance. Found family. Age gap. Dual POV. 

Charlie met Dr. Will Monroe “the One” years ago in Paris and let him go, but while on a mission in Buenos Aires he sees Will standing on a corner and when Will needs his protection Charlie realizes maybe this is his second chance. 

Will travels as a doctor helping people all over the world, and he never recovered from Charlie breaking his heart, but when Charlie offers to help Will with his slightly dangerous side project, can he trust the man again, especially after learning that Charlie is former CIA and is now a hired mercenary? 

Truly felt Will’s heartbreak over Charlie with the flashbacks, his hesitations to let the man back into his life, and that his feelings never really went away. 

Charlie is done keeping secrets from Will, and is committed to being with Will forever this time even if it means leaving his chaotic life and the team he considers family. 

Some sweet and steamy interactions between Charlie and WIll, with supportive secondary characters and of course some action and danger. Charlie is protective but Will is very capable and no shrinking violet, so they make a good match as lovers. 

Really fun read with a slight cliffhanger as a lead into the next book with a new couple.

Rating: 4.25

Jacquie's Review:

Charlie's Doctor was a whole lot of fun. Each of the Shadow Elite team myers are interesting and this has scope to be a great series.

The second chance between Charlie and Will was just ...*sigh* so lovely. They talked, actually communicated and the heat between them was intense.

I read the freebie prequel, but that isn't necessary to enjoy this. I'd recommend it though because it was good.

I cannot wait for book 2!

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Charlie's Doctor is the first book in the Shadow Elite series. I had read the prequel to this series that was through the YBBB, Stephen’s Translator was anxiously waiting for Charlie’s story. 

I also feel like this is kind of an off shoot to the Exit Strategy series. Alexei and Soren from Accidental Lover make an appearance. 

Charlie and Will were once lovers in another lifetime. Six years ago, Charlie walked out on Will and never looked back, at least that what’s Will thinks. Neither man ever stopped thinking about the other. When they meet again Will is in trouble and Charlie will do anything to protect Will and he’s never leaving Will again. 

This was freakin fantastic! Sooo much, heat and steam, snark and banter, so many emotions! Overall, a fantastic read!! Well written with addicting pacing!


Charlie's Doctor is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription