Cash, Ruthless Daddies #6 by K.L. Hiers

Meeting his neighbor, a hot Daddy mobster, was not what sexy and confident Brick was expecting. When danger is brought to his door Brick doesn't back down, but he's willing to be protected by Daddy Jules because Jules loves taking care of Brick, in every and any way he can.  

From the blurb:

Cho “Brick” Brixton enjoys cooking, working in his yard, and binge-watching television while living as an out and proud gay man in the heart of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. His parents had the perfect romance, having fallen in love at first sight when they met in Korea, and Brick longs to find a love like that for his own. Whipping up meals for one isn’t much fun, and the constant boredom is a drag.

Not to mention it’s miserably lonely.

All of that changes when a giant mysterious hunk named Jules Price moves in next door. Jules has arrived on business of the not-so-legal sort, namely to retrieve something that was stolen from his criminal family. When he’s not busy being a vicious gangster, Jules is set on getting close to Brick and exploring his first ever attraction to another man. Although Brick has been yearning for the excitement of meeting that special someone, he soon realizes he may have bitten off more than he can swallow.

As their romance heats up, so too does the danger, and Brick finds himself in the middle of a bloodbath in the making if Jules can’t get back what he came here for. Luckily for Brick, Jules is the kind of man who will stop at nothing to keep him safe, and he doesn’t care who gets in his way—or how high the body count gets.

Cash is part of the Ruthless Daddies multi-author collab and a complete standalone. Expect to find a criminal Daddy, a tough boy, high steam, and some dark mafia themes. Want more deliciously morally gray Daddies and boys? Grab the whole series!

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Ruthless Daddies) but all are standalone stories. Mobster suspense action story. Daddy/boy. GFY. POC representation. Single POV. 

Translator Brick works from home in his comfy slippers and spends his spare time watching Asian romance shows and cooking Korean food for one. 

When mobster enforcer Jules moves in next door it’s instant swoon for Brick, but he doesn’t expect a good dose of danger to come with starting up a super steamy relationship with Jules. 

Brick is a confident no nonsense guy and he is no pushover when it comes to being roughed up by bad guys or Jules, and Jules is the quintessential cinnamon roll Daddy that has no problem caring for and protecting Brick. 

Their shared instant attraction, their ability to communicate honestly, and the time they spend sharing meals and snuggling on the couch to watch TV all lead to a quick but real feeling of connection between Brick and Jules. 

I enjoyed this story so much, all the action, the supportive secondary characters, the instant and comfortable feelings, and very hot interactions. KL Hiers knows how to write a fun and entertaining read.

Rating 5 Stars

Cash is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription