When Pleasures Collide by Elouise R. East

When Pleasures Collide is a taboo novella that continues the Collide series, but can easily be read as a standalone...

From the blurb:

Seth yearns for the love he sees around him every day, even if it is just one night where he can pretend. After weeks of Leon flirting with him, Seth finally relents, and their relationship turns into everything they had ever wished for. Until the “meeting the parents” visit throws an unexpected wedge between them. Who knew fate was such a bitch?

Love should be unconditional, but how can it be when blood gets in the way?

An MM half-brothers taboo romance.

Heather's Review:

While every family romance is taboo, when the characters meet and start to fall in love before a connection is identified, it puts unique pressures on a new relationship... and that's what When Pleasures Collide explores...

This was a quick read with some steam, some angst and of course, navigating a taboo relationship... I wish there was just a little more - more steam, more angst and more relationship...but that doesn't mean it wasn't worth reading and the characters aren't still lingering in my brain.

I haven't read the first two books in the Collide series yet, but they're now on my TBR because all four characters are part of this book too...

Rating: 4 Stars

Because When Pleasures Collide is taboo, it is only available from Smashwords.